PVG Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai has two airports- Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport, of which Shanghai Pudong is the recent. PVG airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located in Pudong New District, approximately 18.6 miles from the downtown area and is approximately 24.9 miles from Hongqiao International Airport. This airport is a well-known international airport covering an area of over 15.4 miles.

The airport caters to both domestic and international flights, and comprises of a main terminal building and two terminal concourses, which are both connected by two passageways to provide easy access.

PVG airport has two terminals:

Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Of the two terminals, Terminal 2 is the larger one and the two are connected by three walk paths (North, Central and South) with the Maglev Station in the middle. To help make up your mind as to which terminal you should use, there is a table provided. The airport is cut into two parts by the track and the Maglev train station: to the west is Terminal 1 and to the east is Terminal 2.

While meeting someone at the airport, the best place would be the arrival hall since everybody needs to pass the same gate. To ease your way around the airport, there are ATM machines, phones, stores and currency exchange at the airport. You can also find the main information center at the departure hall. The airport has 76 gate positions and over 197.7 acres of parking aprons, there are twenty-eight boarding bridges and thirteen baggage transfer belts for arrivals in addition to other services such as restaurants and shopping areas.

To arrive at the city center you can take:

By Taxi:

It takes about 50 minutes to get to the city center (People’s Square) by taxi and will cost you approximately CNY 150. Be careful to use only official taxis though.

By Subway:

Use Line 2, get off at Guanglan Road Station(between Longyang Road Station and Pudong Airport) then proceed onto another metro train; the whole trip will cost you about CNY9

By Maglev:

The maglev train is operational between Longyang Rd. and the airport. A train is available on a daily basis from PVG airport at intervals of 15-20 minutes and will cost you CNY50 for a single trip, CNY80 for an ordinary round trip, and CNY100 for VIP. To get to a number of areas throughout the city such as the People’s Square, East Nanjing Road, Century Park and Lujiazui, you need to board off at Longyang Rd. Station and transfer to subway Line 2 which runs westward.

By Bus:

The available airport buses operate on six routes and are cheap and convenient.

By Private Transfer Service:

You need to part with a little more money and get a private car or van to transfer you to and from the airport. These services are available through travel agencies.

Other amenities to the airport include an hourly hotel, medical clinics, a Baggage claim and inquiries center, a lost and found office and banks.

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