PVG Airport

PVG Airport

Tourism industry is rapidly escalating in China making it more than just a business destination; it has now become one of the most highly ranked travel and vacation point. Many people with the love of travelling and exploring the world are opting China.

However, to make your trip even more amazing there are a few things that you could keep in mind. First is the time selection. The best months to visit China are March, April, June, July, August and November because you get the best prices in these months, weather is good, and you find a great amount of entertainment without investing the amount that you would have to invest in the peak season which is May, September and October.

The available national airline is Air china. It is recommended that you book your return ticket way before your trip, to get a good price as well as to avoid the problem of overbooking and being trapped in china, because you cannot find a flight back home.

Within china,  you would find four airports; Guangzhou Baiyun International, Shanghai Pudong(PVG), Beijing/Peking(BJS/PEK) and Shanghai Honggiao (SHA). All of these airports provide all the basic facilities, including, restaurants, bars, shuttle services, bus services, taxis, and post offices. Other facilities include for business and internet, currency conversion as well as duty free shops.

You must have Chinese currency because you would have to pay the departure tax, and that can only be paid in Chinese currency.

If you are going to visit Shanghai, choose Pudong airport (PVG). All the international flights land in Shanghai.  The reason why it is named as PVG airport is that it is named over the area of the city where it is situated in Pudong district.

An interesting fact about all the airports is that they have their own air carrier presence and each one has a unique three letters on their International air transport association IATA code.

Shanghai Pundong International (PVG) airport is the center for all the main airlines, including Air china, China eastern airlines and shanghai airlines. It is also caters all the private airlines such as, Juneyao airlines and spring airlines. It is also the hub of all international flights and is located in Pudong new zone east of Huangpu River, approximately thirty kilometers from main central city. The airport has two terminals, and it’s a huge three story building, with departure lounge on the third floor. The arrival area, the shuttle service provided by the airport and the long route bus terminal are on the second floor. The ground floor is for regular buses and shuttle services of different hotels.

People who are visiting for the first time is recommended to have taxis or shuttle service by the hotel where the bookings have already been made. You must book a hotel online before landing in china to avoid any sort of complications.

However the overall experience is quite amazing as the airport facilitates you in every manner to make the beginning and ending of your trip a memorable experience.

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