Puglia-Italy A Coming Soon-Must Visit Destination

Puglia Italy

When you think of a village in hilly areas at the seashores that look like they came right out of a Hollywood romance movie set, it reminds you of Greece usually. However, the Greek are not the only people with such awesomeness. The heel of Italy, Puglia is also famed to home towns lined up with the white paint that contrasts the deep blue sky like life and death.

Puglia akal Apulia has never gotten the same amount of fame as the rest of Italy has done; it doesn't come at par with Rome or Venice when it comes to the number of tourists it gets or the amount of money the government spends on developing the region’s touristic elements; but it is getting there. The lack of attention (for the lack of a better word) by the government also means something good; the less people know about it the less it will be crowded. So mostly you can get the exquisite trullo houses, blue sea beaches, exotic cuisines and olive groves to yourself – or may be a bearable number of other tourists.

This also happens to be the reason why Puglia is increasingly becoming even more popular among the travelers – which is another reason why you should make that trip while you still stand a chance at enjoying the tranquility that might waver once every tourist visiting Italy decides that this place is not worth missing.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting place in the whole region of Puglia is the trullo house district near Alberobello. This is where you will see tons of stonewalled buildings with domes on top and with a whitewash on the outside. Walk around Valle d’Itria and you will come across thousands of those which packed together give a sense of exquisiteness that is unique to the region.

However, the place is not just whitewashed homes; the province of Lecce is laced with seventeenth century classical montages to architecture in the form of churches, government buildings and even private residences. Baroque is the word that you will see, hear and praise in every street while you go around sightseeing in Lecce. That is not all, if you wish to stray around a little bit, you will set foot in Taranto,  all around this town, you will see churches, sanctuaries, and more that have been built underground. Come up from under the town and visit Otranto to get some of the most exciting seaside resorts and a rock beach that will beautify your imaginations of a perfect vacation.

If you are more interested in the natural beauty than the man made one; you would rather want to be out of these main port cities that are bustling with life, history and culture and rather be in a hilltop. Well, don’t think you made the wrong choice coming to Puglia; Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Ostuni and Cisternino are all hill stations and the region boasts of their scenic views.

However, if you do get the time to visit culture and history, Puglia has a bonus. The town of Bari has a church called the Church of St. Nicholas, among a list of other religious sites. But what is important about this one is that inside this church there is a crypt that olds the remains of ‘Santa Claus!’ the remains were stolen from Turkey back in the days and kept here ever since.

Either way, you are in for a treat!

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