Puerto Rico

Playa de Flamenco

Puerto Rico is the best place for all kinds of tourists, those who are looking for some lovely beach time, and those who like some refreshing time in the rainforest and even those who like blazing adventure of surfing with a blend of delicious cocktails. Once you decide to visit Puerto Rico there are so many places to visit and many things that you can do.

People who love the idea of greenery would love this place for its lush rainforest; actually it is the only genuine rainforest in the United States. Oxygen enriched mist freshens you on a short hike, if you are planning on spending more time in the rainforest you must take your binoculars and raincoats along with an excellent camera, as you would find twenty six species that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Some people have strong fondness towards history and architecture; such people need more than just a two week stay to enjoy all that Puerto Rico has to offer. Their old 19th century colonial grandeur, historic squares and fountains, buttressed town hall takes you back in the 19th century. Ponce a city in Puerto Rico is the hub of museums and thus a favorite spot for history lovers.

However on the other hand those who are up for fun and party only, also find the best types of fun they can imagine. They can start by swimming and snorkeling. Mornings are calm and swimmers can sway and paddle with the waves for hours and can see deep below into the sea as the visibility is up to seventy five feet. After a day full of snorkeling and swimming you can still find the most famous activity on Puerto Rico beaches is Baseball, they have vast areas solely dedicated to baseball matches. And the amazing dance parties with their most famous rum cocktails. Making to forget all the stress and gather up with so many races of mankind, party and let go.

However if you wish to have a quite and peaceful time, you can find the most amazing and calm beaches where all you will hear is the waves of water colliding with each other and making the most beautiful and peaceful melody one can enjoy. You can stay for hours on beach and let your mind drift with the waves to the most peaceful place. You can also enjoy the most amazing experience of bioluminescent bays underneath the sheet of so many sparkling stars. Swimming or kayaking at night with bioluminescent water all around you provides the most serene feeling.

In short, Puerto Rico is the true place for tourism as the country serves all kinds of tourists by providing them the most amazing experiences and making their trip memorable.

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