The Prestigious Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard University also known as Harvard is a private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge. It is known to be the most prestigious university in the entire world. People from all over the world prefer to get education in this esteemed university.

It was established by the Massachusetts legislature in 1636 and soon after its establishment, it was named after John Harvard who was the first benefactor of the university. It is the oldest institute in the United States of America that is meant for higher learning. The Harvard Corporate was the first ever chartered corporation of the institution. The early people who were trained in this college were the Unitarian and Congregationalist clergy.

Harvard was the member that founded the Association Of American Universities in the year 1900. Even during times of the Great Depression and World Wars, the university continued to impart education. After the war ended and conditions became a bit stable, the curriculum of the university was reformed. It was an undergraduate college which became co-educational, it was merged with the Radcliffe College in the year 1977. Drew Gilpin Faust was the first female to lead the university when she became the 28th president in the year 2007.

There is no individual out there who would want to miss the opportunity to study in Harvard. There are some foreign visitors who think that Harvard is based in Boston. That’s not true. Boston is just a short journey. It is well known for its sporting franchises.

With time, the standard of applications for students in Harvard is rising. There is more, the admission process in the university has become much tough too. If you are planning to apply for Harvard then you will have to make sure that you are prepared enough to stand out among the 20 candidates who have applied with you. People literally have to hire guides and coaches for assisting them in getting qualified for Harvard.

People have developed myths about getting admission in Harvard. They think that getting admission for a common person is not possible. They even think that there is minimum GPA requirement for candidates to apply here. The truth is there is no minimum GPA requirement. There are many people who had sub 3 GPAs while there were others who had 4.0 GPA. All such students were free to apply. A well written application that shows you are an active student in extracurricular activities is going to make you develop a strong impact.

Moreover, there is no issue of finance. Harvard is a generous institute. You can get financial aid package, if you wish to study there. Harvard has a possession of $172,000,000 endowment. This means that you can easily get financial aid and you can fulfill your dream of studying in a well-established institute. With a strong application, you can increase your chances to get enrolled in Harvard University.

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