Pokhara–The Real Nepalese Beauty


Located in the center of Nepal, Pokhara is densely populated tourists point. Its population is exceeding 20 million people. Pokhara valley corners the Pokhara city like a mother’s lap. With all its natural beauties, it has been right placed in the center of the world’s highest mountain ranges. The sky touching mountains around,Pokhara really give a great look.

Nepalese believe that these gigantic peaks fixed in the chest of earth really represent the Nepalese strength and determination. Pokhara is situated at such a great location that tourists from all over the world are naturally attracted to this place. The weather here is very pleasant and friendly for almost the whole year. Great Himalayas towards Kathmandu are also visible from the corner of Pokhara city. Being located at the crossroad of the silk trade route, Pokhara has another great significance.

Natural beauty of Pokhara city as well as Pokahra valley is really unmatchable with any other place in the world. Nature can be so beautiful, you will really believe strongly after reaching here and visualizing its grandeur. The big flocks of tourists come here and enjoy a lot. There are no specific times to visit this place, rather the people of Pokhara keep welcoming the tourists and adventurists from all over the world and extend awesome hospitality, the year round.

The amazing Pokhara is also known as City with seven lakes as it houses seven real lakes in its grounds. The main lake is towards the southern side of the city. Pehwa Tal Lake is the most beautiful scene, you may experience in the surroundings of Pokhara. The beautiful mountain ranges around this city look very great especially when peaks are capped with the beautiful white snow. Smooth flowing River Seti with silver waters and instrumental sounds is another masterpiece of the nature.

There are many temples and Buddhist worship places in and around Pokhara, which again have great historical significance. The great canyons created by the River Seti and a large number of historical caves give a great look. These caves are located under the earth of the city and some of these caves can be accessed under assistance of the tourist’s guides. Pokhara is not only naturally beautiful rather it has great culture and heritage.

The city, indeed, has both the traditional and the contemporary taste. It has lovely scenes of nature as well aesthetically constructed buildings. All modern facilities of the daily life like accommodation, transportation, dinning etc are easily available in here, to make your trip extremely exciting and fun loving.

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