Places to visit in Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a city located in the United Kingdom. It is the capital city of Scotland and world’s festival capital. It is an ancient city full of hills, pubs and even castles. This city has pubs and castles and also striking architecture, first class attractions, splendid scenery and beautiful coasts.Fantastic shopping opportunities are also well known with this city. Edinburgh is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting Edinburgh is one of the best ideas since one has an opportunity to explore its historical links, Scottish culture and discover some of its concealed gems. A 48 hour service is offered to visitors touring the tremendous city of Edinburgh. This gives one a chance to tour most of Edinburgh’s attraction centers. Below are some of the tourist attractions:

The Arthur’s Seat

It is an extinct volcanic peak that is 251m high. Those in love with walking may find it very interesting climbing up this volcanic peak in 30 minutes. One can climb via Dunsapie Loch but for a quick circuit around the gentle hill side one can access a car or bike. It also offers a superb location to watch the sunrise and also enjoy the spectacular vistas from Arthur’s seat. It is advisable to all Arthur’s Seat to wrap warm due to the cold uphill.

The Princes Street Gardens

It is a public park located at the foot of Edinburgh castle dividing the New and the Old town. It has statues and monuments that one can admire and appreciate their beauty. You can also choose to explore their gardens that are full of seasonal pleasant flowers. During the summer months, people can have picnics with friends and families at the Princes Street Gardens as they relax, play and enjoy refreshments from the outdoor café.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh castle is well known for being the home to royalty as Queen Mary of Scotts and Queen Margaret. It is one of the tourist attractions that are famous and popular, dominating the city skyline from the top of an extinct volcano. It contains the ancient dungeon, crown jewels and also the Stone of Destiny.

The National Museum

The National museum of Scotland is one of the greatest museums located in the city of Edinburgh. You can want to visit this museum and get to know the nation’s culture, its people and their history. One can acquire information about Scott from the prime valage to present modern era. Visiting the National museum of Scotland is more affordable since entry is free.

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