Places Tourists Would Love to Visit in Egypt

Elephantine Island

Many tourists visit Egypt every year to enjoy the warm weather and the rich history. We will highlight a few places that you will enjoy.

Saqqara Pyramid and it is the world's oldest pyramid as well, while it was built in 2630 B.C for the great king Djoser. This old pyramid consists of a number of rectangular structures known as "mastabas", which reached 204 feet tall (Abround 62 meters). The pyramid's architect was Imhotep and he is the first man to use engineering and formulas.

The Giza Pyramids. They occupy a great place in ancient history as they are the only remaining structure among the well known seven wonders of the ancient world. You can find Khufu's Pyramid that is 481.4 feet tall. It was built as a tomb for King Khufu. Also there is Khafre's Pyramid that was full of treasures when it was discovered. Some of these treasures were stolen, while others were saved in the Egyptian Museum.

Sphinx is carved out of limestone with the body of a lion and the head of a man. It represents wisdom and power together. The third pyramid is called Menkaure's pyramid. You can visit these pyramids from the inside; it is such an unforgettable experience.

Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, where you can enjoy the red sea, warm weather, the sun and great hospitality. In these beautiful cities you can also enjoy the wonderful night clubs, safari activities, diving and Bedouin parties.

Khan El-Khalili , It is located in the Islamic district of old Cairo. Is consists of narrow alleys full of shops presenting different metal products. This area is well known for selling gold, silver and cooper objects.  You can buy lovely souvenirs from here.

Luxor and Aswan, have two thirds of the monuments of the world. Luxor is the world's biggest open air museum. It has the most famous temples and statues.

Aswan is magical in winter.You can enjoy a lovely Nile cruises or visit the Nubian Museum. You must also visit Elephantine Island and Queen Hatshepsut's Obelisk.

Al Azhar Mosque was constructed in 970. It is still one of the most important mosques in the world. It is the first mosque to be built in Cairo and it has the second oldest university in the world. Al Azhar  students are taught science, literature, math, medicine and other majors besides religion and the Holy Quran.

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