Phuket - The Perfect Island for Romantic Escapades!


Phuket is one of the many places in Thailand that makes the country desirable. People choose to go to Phuket because of its sandy beaches, its amazing resorts and the beautiful greenery, and let's not forget the cheap shopping. If you're looking for a place for a honeymoon with your wife or a place to spend the vacation with your significant other, Phuket in Thailand is perfect. It is a place where you can relax and spend time in peace.


It is one of the famous beaches in Phuket, which means there will be a lot of people. You can spend a good time here, get a tan or have a swim.

Kata Noi Beach

It is a quiet, out of the way beach with golden sand and sunny weather. It is best if you want to spend some quiet time alone or with your partner. When you're with family you want a full place with a bustle of activity for which Kata Noi Beach is not suitable. But if you like to keep your children within your sight then this is perfect. There aren't any jet skis or speedboats running on the water so you can have a peaceful swim.

Bid Buddha

The construction of this structure started 10 years ago and is still being built. The construction depends on support for tourism which is why it is taking so long to complete. It is definitely worth a visit. The statue of Buddha is about 45 metres tall and can be seen from a distance.

Soi Dog Foundation - For a Good Cause

Relaxing in Phuket is good but sometimes you need to do something for the greater good. The Soi Dog Foundation takes care of homeless dogs and cats. They give them a home and food. They entirely depend on donations from generous people. They also have a surgery center for sterilising the animals. The workers who have jobs there are very careful about the animals. If you go there then you will be welcomed by an extremely helpful staff and will be given a tour of the place. There is so much love there that you will want to help them out. The thing which strikes me about this foundation is that it is built at a place where people go to spend money on themselves and it helps those people to help others.

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