Perkins Cove

Perkins Cove

Situated in the town of Ogunquit, Maine, the Perkins Cove gives an awe-inspiring visage for every nature loving eye. Though it is only a small tidewater basin, the engulfing scenery that overflows it, combined with lush green trees and lawns, not to mention small and cozy dwellings, give it the status of definite travel choice for vacationers who want to spend a lazy weekend away from the rush hours of their lives.

The history of Perkins Cove is something that never stops amusing the readers, the fact that it was actually a manmade cove created way back in the late 1800s, is unquestionably a key reason why people would want to visit this place and see for themselves. As history goes, more than a century ago there used to be only one “cove” in the area called the Fish Cove, which was famous among the local dwellers due to the fishing opportunities it presented them with. But, since the place was open-ended, which made it vulnerable to storms, the fishermen had to dejectedly tow their ships ashore each night since they could not be left in the precarious open waters. That is when the idea of creating Perkins Cove was coined, in order to overcome this troublesome situation. The fishermen decided to dig a channel to connect the Josias River with Fish Cove, during the channeling of water from the river to the cove the passage was considerably widened due to erosion and hence a tidewater basin was formed that later came to be known as Perkins Cove.

The result of Mother Nature and mankind’s collective endeavors resulted in a small tourist area that was soon labeled as an art colony due to its artistic sceneries. And rightly so; the mix of a small sandy beach with the green belts behind it and with the fishermen hauling their boats all over the water under the sharp blue skies; the place was a paradise! It still is!

Among the numerous spots worth visiting in this little piece of heaven is the Perkins Cove Bridge, a white metal draw bridge that not only is a sight worth the pause but the lifting up of its deck whenever there are ships that need to pass by is a mesmerizing view with the vivid colored backdrop presented by trees and the clearest sky you would ever see!

Taking that bridge when you move towards the waters, one cannot help but notice the aroma of romance that engulfs the small beach. You get a sand beach studded with stones sends back an ecstatic glow in the setting sun. Having trees borderline the other side of the tidewater basin you get a cozy feeling that one can only get at a private place of their own.

And if lying back to relax on the beach is not your type of thing, Perkins Cove has other ways to keep you busy. Their infamous fishing boats carry immense value to the locals since fishing is the reason why the place exists. You can plan out with the tour guides to take you out on what they call guided fishing trips or sailing trips.

Here’s the bottom-line, Maine couldn’t get better than this whether you are planning a family weekend or a romantic night, whether you are a nearby local or have travelled half the world –Perkins Cove is your idyllic private party spot!

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