Pearl Harbor A Black Day in US Military History

Pearl Harbor

It was the year 1941, the month of December, 7th December to be precise, when the world witnessed a terrifying event which lead to massive bloodshed, cities were turned into ruins, and about seventy five million people were killed. Even after so long, Pearl Harbor is still considered as a very sensitive issues in the United States. Basically, USA being one of the most advanced and mightiest nations in the world was caught totally off guard when the Japanese Empire launched its attack on a US naval base which was located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

It is believed that December 7th 1941 literally changed the course of World War II. However, there was one positive side to this. The people of USA, who previously were divided, became united. Previously, the citizens had their own separate concerns about their nation’s participation in the war, but after Pearl Harbor, all the differences were kept at one side, and the entire nation became one.

This day can be easily considered as a black day in US military history, reason being that over 2000 soldiers were killed, leaving 1000 of them severely injured. The US naval base was situated on O’ahu Island in Hawaii. This naval base was particularly very important because it had many significant military installations. This reason made it all the more important for the Japanese to attack it. The attack came out of the blue and nobody, even the military heads, saw it coming. The reason why this attack was considered sudden was because the Japanese were in the midst of having a dialogue with the Americans. So, naturally, it was believed that there would not be any attacks.

Before this attack took place, America had decided to distance itself from the war. But after the attack, this decision changed and USA prepared for war. The Imperial Japanese Navy launched this attack very, very carefully. It was orchestrated in 2 waves. In the first wave, around 183 air crafts launched the first attack on the US naval base. In the second wave, 171 air crafts were used which did even more damage, a large number of American navy personnel died while many were left wounded and injured.

The Japanese, on the other side, did not have many casualties, only around 65. 1 of their soldiers was captured as well. The US Army not only lost a lot of lives, but a lot of equipment like cruisers, battleships, midget submarines etc was also destroyed. The one’s which were left behind were also left in a very bad condition. The Japanese had assumed that this attack would let them be able to take over South East Asia, without US interfering in their plan. But this did not happen as the US Army decided to fight back and a war was declared on Japan. The after effects of this war were terrible. What went on during this war was even more terrible. Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which crippled Japan.

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