Paris France-The Best Visitors Guide


You have to be well guided before visiting Paris for your holidays. This is one of the French cities where plenty will be availed for you to enjoy all through the visit. If you want to visit ancient places or modern ones, the choice will all be yours. One important thing to note is that Paris ranks as a highly secured city not only in France but worldwide. So you should not come visiting with concerns over your security since it will be well taken care of.

Furthermore, local people are hospitable and the presence of varied languages spoken will clear any possible communication barrier. There has been a misconception that French is the only spoken language around the city, but that has been used to scare away visitors like you! Just pay the city a visit and you will realize how good it is a place to spend your free time away from home.

Musee de l’Orange

This is an antique theatre located in Orange and it is easily accessible to all visitors as long as you visit during working hours. It is opened all week long calculating to the whole year so don’t mind the time you are in Paris to pay a visit. The place usually gives discounted offers to visitors during special times of the year like over the Easter and Christmas festivities which you can take advantage of. The management of the theater is well organized and will give you advanced information about the place to ensure your preparations are proper.

Inside the theater, you will find hotels and restaurants where you will be welcomed for meals. There is a huge selection, so it will be you who will decide where to go. For an informed choice, it will be good if you make wide considerations before settling on any particular hotel or restaurant of your choice. Don’t just work on mere assumptions.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Here, you will get additional attractions most of whose history dates back to decades and centuries. Ambulatory is the most significant of the attractions in the cathedral and are extraordinary works that help to enhance the architectural design of the place. The ambulatory was first embedded on the walls of the cathedral in the 13th century and still stands strong in the 21st century. The other things to find worth sightseeing at the cathedral include Portal of Saint Stephen, North Rose Window, North Choir Screen, Red Door and Treasury.

Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens is an approximately 60-acre recreational area which has astonishing features for public enjoyment. There are fountains, flowerbeds, sculptures, playgrounds, theatres, cafes and ponds which depict the French culture. Literally, this is one of the most flourishing parks worldwide for the simple reason that it does not betray the culture of the city of Paris. Make sure you have visited the place once in Paris and take part in some of the planned events like tennis playing and horse riding.

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