“To Travel is to live”. Travelling is something which brings power and love back into your life. It boosts your energy, cheer and happiness. Every year one must visit a place which he/she has never been before. This is what I do. This year I Traveled to PARIS, it was indeed the best decision of my life as its beauty and serenity is simply matchless. Words fall short when it comes to pretty Paris as someone said, “Everything seems beautiful in Paris and even walking around the streets makes you wish to fall in love”.

Also known as The City Of Lights for its marvelous architecture, exquisite museums and cathedrals, luxurious boulevards, and sumptuous meals. All these sites make Paris a worth seeing site and the most popular destination for people of all ages. I had been dying to write about the experience in Paris and here it comes after a long wait.

The City of Romance provides unique attractions, sounds and smells, gorgeous landscape, and especially sitting by the side of Seine River is the most romantic. Paris is known to many just because of the Eiffel Tower, but trust me there is much more to Paris, a city of endless beauty and serenity.

EIFFEL TOWER, it is apparently the world’s best known landmark and especially that of Europe. It is said that one cannot explore Paris without visiting the 984 ft. Eiffel tower.

LOUVRE MUSEUM which is basically called a not – to- miss place as it is the worlds largest and the most visited museum as it holds the collection of King Francis 1 and has a collection of over 1 million art works and sculptures. I think the Louvre visit will always be embedded in my heart.

CHAMPS-ELYSEES  is certainly the most famous avenue in the world which stretches from the Place the la Concorde to  the place Charles de gaulle forming approximately a 2 km stretch and is used for all major celebrations specially new year’s eve.

As I mentioned, there are endless places to visit in Paris, and the beauty of each place is simply enthralling. NOTRE DAME is the most famous cathedral of Paris and a religious centre, as well as frequently visited tourist spot. I could feel the real culture and enthusiasm of Paris here. A place of a charming beauty indeed. And how could I forget to visit the amazing and worlds most beautiful place VENICE; its hidden bridges, cobble stoned alleyways, palaces and the piazzas and art galleries. The entire beauty of Paris can be encapsulated in few lines as “walk along the seine, stop at the Louvre then have a glass of red wine in a cozy bistro, and finally dine at your favorite pizza serving restaurant.

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