Paris-City with Eternal Historical Moments


Paris is located on the river Seine as the wonderful locations that hold the outstanding works of paintings and architecture. Situated at the heart of France Paris is known to be the capital of France that carries the maximum population of the country. It stands as the symbol that holds the wonderful architectural designs and paintings that puts up a clear picture of that era in front of you.

Paris played an important role during the French revolution that served as one of the most noticeable historical epoch. However, today Paris emerges as the busiest corporate and business centers and has an important contribution in education, science, fashion and culture.

Undying Architectures of Paris

The famous architecture that would leave Paris incomplete without is the Eiffel tower. Even if you don`t stand in front of the tower, the tip of the tower is visible from all the places throughout Paris. Gustave Eiffel was that eminent personality who brought out this amazing architectural work. The stone pieces that were utilized to bring up the tower were individually shaped and designed to give the refined design, which today stands as the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. For more than two years, the construction work continued and finally on March 31, 1889 the Eiffel Tower was finally installed and opened for the common people. The height of the tower is about 324 meters. That is the second tallest construction in the entire France. Eiffel Tower serves as the Paris Skyline for more than 100 years and comes out as the tallest structure in Paris. Today this amazing architecture is one of the wonders of the world and one dream destination for the tourists.

We are all familiar with the famous painting - Mona Lisa. You can discover this amazing painting at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Various rare paintings and sculptures enhance the glamour of the museum. It encompasses an area of 652,300 square feet that displays antiques belonging to different cultures and eras. Manifold other famous sculpts that the crowd wait to have a glance include “Venus de Milo”, “Winged Victory”, “Nike of Samothrace” that presents the primeval Greek culture and more. You can discover the tragic molds that express the feel of pain and grief such as “The Dying Slave” and the “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”. At present, the museum exhibits more than 35,000 works that presents hand engraved molds and paintings representing the Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman cultures. Anthologies that occupy an estimable position in the Museum take you away to that historical era when the particular civilization holds your hand to walk into the culture and tradition.

The Louvre Pyramid

It comes out as one of the striking artwork that was under restoration in 1983. It emerges as the most sophisticated design that boosts up the charming atmosphere of the Louvre Museum.

The Museum inspires the tourists across the globe as one of the destinations that gives you a historical feeling mixed up with the tradition of customs and civilization.

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