Palace for Photographers

Bensusan Museum

Photography is a full time adventure. Professional photographers are always busy in visiting interesting places to capture a great view with a lot of meanings, which a normal man can never find. It requires a great deal of workout, stamina and dedication.

Photographer’s interests

Photography is a vast field with extensive subjects to cover. Many photographers have different interests while visiting places and capturing scenes. Abstract photography, wildlife photography, natural scenes, fashion photography, historic areas and levels of life are most popular themes adopted by photographers. I interviewed a graphic designer and photographer Hassan Qureshi, who thought that the best places for a photographer to visit are the grand events of different types. For example, you can catch great photos in the cricket world cup or FIFA football tournament that might change the photographer’s life. He had witnessed Cholistan Camel show in Pakistan and happened to capture a great deal of artistic work while on the camel back by the natives. That is termed as Camel Art by theartists. Beauty of deserts and life of people there is his first love, and he is passionate to visit Sahara desert and capture the differences between Sahara and Cholistan.

A photography student Hiba Khan is interested in nature photography. She is eager to discover the hidden beauty of historic caves like Cave of Hira and Saur in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, rocky cliffs of Nanga Parbat and Grand Canyon. Being a student she is also interested to see the artistic compositions of the world’s renowned and unsung photographers.

The Bensusan Museum of Photography

The Bensusan Museum of Photography is an excellent collection of photographs made using the oldest and most primitive photographic equipment, for example, the earliest wet-plate prints, 3D experiments such as Holograms and stereo scopic visuals leading to the digital images. The Bensusan museum of photography is  also preserving a big collection of old South African photographers.

The teaching courses offered by the Bensusan museum of photography are a huge attraction for learners. They are having a bigcollection of multimedia, darkroomsand interactive tools that help teach the basics of photography and principles of light. Precise equipment and world’s great photographers make it a great school for the people with photography passion.

Atlas Gallery

The Atlas Gallery is the hub of vintage photography, fashion photo shot and photo journalism. This gallery is found in the heart of London and one of the most popular and leading galleries of photographs in the country. It was founded in 1994 in Hoxton and later on it was shifted to the main city of London. It presents a great collection of modern and old classic work or art by the senior, renowned and amateur photographers.

Making long story short; our life is full of beauties. The only thing missing is to recognize it. A photographer brings that naked beauty of the world to the light that is hidden from the eyes of the common person, and for this he does not need a particular place to go. The Whole world is a photogenic palace for a photographer.

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