Osaka Castle Jewel of Japan


Osaka Castle is a very important castle in Japan historically speaking as it played a significant role in the amalgamation of Japan.  It was built in 15th century during the period of General Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The most important tower of this castle is situated on area of one square kilometer.

The main tower of this castle was built with the help of Burdock piling technique. Two platforms of landfill were raised to construct the Osaka Castle. The central part of this castle consists of five stories, and external part consists of eight stories. The building of central castle is built atop a foundation of stone to guard its occupants. It is reported that the ground of Osaka Castle covers more than 60,000 square meter area. There are present thirteen important structures in Osaka Castle which have been designed by Japanese government as cultural Assets. These important structures represent the culture of Japanese people in a better way.

History of Osaka Castle

In 15th century,  the General Toyotomi Hideyoshi started the creation of Osaka Castle on the site of temple Ikkō-ikki. The General Toyotomi Hideyoshi wanted to construct a castle that reflects the Oda’s. The General Toyotomi Hideyoshi planned to build a five story main tower. Later the plan was modified to add three stories underground. The gold leaf was designed on the side of the tower to astonish and amaze the visitors. The construction of inner donjon was finished in 1585. In order to make the Osaka Castle more and more dreadful to attackers, Toyotomi decided to expand and extend the castle. The construction of this building was completed in 1597 before the death of Hideyoshi.

Toyotomi Hideyori, son of Hideyoshi decided to continue the construction of Osaka Castle after the death of his father. In 1614, Tokugawa attacked Osaka Castle and Toyotomi forces managed to fight off. They protected the outer wall of Osaka Castle successfully. In 1620, the new ruler Tokugawa Hidetada started to construct the Osaka Castle again. He decided to construct the elevated main tower with eight stories inside and five stories outside. He assigned the whole construction task to individual professional Samurai clans. The famous wall of Osaka Castle built in 1620 and is still available standing today. The granite boulders were used to construct this wall without mortar. The stones and rocks of sea Seto Inland were brought.

The Osaka Castle was burned in the civil conflicts in 1868. Later it became a weapon store of Osaka Army under Meiji government. In 1928, they decided to restore the main tower of Osaka Castle. Osaka government decided to restore the Edo-era splendor of this castle. Now the interior part of this Castle acts as a modern functioning Museum. It has become most famous and glorious castle in Japan. Thousands of tourists come to visit this castle in a year because it plays a great role in unification of Japan.

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