Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda-A Thousand Kilometer Green Heaven of Africa

Nyungwe Forest National Park Rwanda

The name Africa mostly brings out images of deserts in my mind; although I have no idea why that would be so. The whole continent is rich in forestry as much as it prides itself with the Sahara Desert. We have countless destinations to evidence that and for me, the top of that list is covered by this huge chunk of trees in Rwanda: The Nyungwe Forest National Park.

If you look at figures, it is approximately 1000 square kilometers big (970 to be exact) and is filled with bogs, swamps, rainforest, grasslands, towns, mountains, river basins, 13 primate species, 1068 plants species, 275 bird species, 38 reptiles species, 32 amphibian species, 85 mammal species and a lot, lot more.

So the question arises, should his place be on the list of destinations of a tourist or a WWF researcher; well, in my opinion it is for both. Thee statistical aspects and the importance of the lives of the thousands of kinds of animals make it important for the world itself and the sheer amount of beauty makes it a home for the tourists too.

Getting to the forest is easy; it is around a four hour drive from Kigali which shouldn't be much of a problem for anyone who has come all the way to visit this place. In fact, you can mix up a couple of other attractions with your love of forestry on your way there. There is the Nyanza King’s Palace and National Museum which stores priceless monuments of the history of the region combined with information on the place you are going to visit. It would be nice to spend a couple of hours here.

It was featured at the top of the list of the must visit places on a National Geographic Survey and surely; the place has something for everyone. Once you are in the vast expanse of the national forest; and you decide to go hiking on the trails, they will take you criss-crossing the densely populated habitat of trees all the way up over the canopies so that you can how massive this place is. There are Eco tourism attractions, there is the basin of Nile that you can go to experience watery fun and then there are thousands of orchids and butterflies that any one in love with nature would like to chase.

At the beginning of every tour to the place you will be acquainted with the Uwinka Visitor Center and that is where you can also plan for camping out. You have dozens of places around the visitor center to plant your camps and still be away from the bustling life.

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