North Korea-Where Humans Don't Dare

Kumsusan Sun Memorial Palace

Warning: We strongly discourage you from touring the most despotic nation in the world. If you still wish to go there, do it at your own risk.

While thousands upon thousands throng to South Korea every year, the adjoining twin nation of North Korea gets no more than 3000-4000 visitors each year. And there is a very good reason for that. The Hermit Kingdom has the most despotic regime in the world. No god in the world commands or demands the kind of reverence the North Korean leaders do (dead and alive alike). Read on,if you don’t believe.

Note: Tourism is highly controlled and you would always have a government guide with you, and wherever you go,whatever you do should be with his/her permission only.

Kumsusan Sun Memorial Palace: Unlike other countries, visitors to North Korea get to meet the top boss of the nation, the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung in person. The only problem is that he has been dead since 1994. (YES!) The Eternal President of the Republic(we repeat “eternal”) is a preserved and embalmed dead body under a glass coffin. A must visit, this is the holiest of all holy places in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Dress formally with a tie, don’t dare smile, carry a somber expression. Listen to the English audio narration of the Korean people’s grief at the Great Leader’s death. Once near the coffin, ensure that you bow three times as per the custom. Remember, the Great Leader is more revered in North Korea than Jesus is revered at the Vatican. Hold your sense of humor if you want to leave this nation alive and well.
Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum: In case you haven’t noticed, North Korea is a “Fatherland”. It’s all about communism, the Kims and the Wars. North Koreans are mighty proud of their achievements on the battlefield and their war trophies are at an intriguing display. You get to see war-damaged tanks, aircrafts and boats used by both sides. They take special pride in the ones they captured.

Government Approved Tours: Foreigners are not allowed to roam around freely. You are supposed to take government approved tours. They will showcase the might and prosperity of the Fatherland. You would do well to hold your rebellious spirit and avoid pointing out the signs of deprivation all around you. Agree to whatever the guide tells you, or at least pretend to. Logic does not reign supreme in North Korea, the Kims do. Free spirited people would do well to visit South Korea.

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