Nice-Paradise on Earth For Travel Lovers

Nice-Paradise on Earth For Travel Lovers

If you are a fan of exquisite travel, culture and food then you will surely become mesmerized after visiting one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities of France. Yes! Indeed Nice is a land of your dreams enriched with vibrant colors of diverse cultures, spellbinding sights, and healthy delicious food resorts.

In between Marseille of France, and Genoa of Italy, the beautiful city of Nice is located in Southern France on the Mediterranean coast. Its name has been derived from a Greek word Nikaia meaning “City of Victory”. The most fascinating thing about this city is that it has been inhabited by various invaders including the Greek during the past centuries, which is the real cause for its diverse culture and varied traditions.

There are very few places in the world which are famous for their mouth-watering and scrumptious food and no doubt, Nice is one of them. The well-decorated restaurants and fine dining etiquettes of the inhabitants of Nice play a pivotal role in enhancing its grandeur and opulence. The well-cooked and nicely presented dishes of pigeon stuffed with Foie Gras, lemon ice-cream, Courgette flowers stuffed with veal, Nicoise salad and Gnocchi attract the tourists from all over the world.

One of the attractions of Nice is a splendid place called Promenade des Anglais where tourists from all over the world enjoy roller blading, jogging, and biking. Some of the tourists relax there on royal blue chairs lined with sea-shore to enjoy the enchanted sights of sunrise and sunset. Another worth watching place in Nice is the Cours Saleys Flower market which always remains crowded with beautiful sweet smelling myriad flowers enticing flower lovers from far off places to Nice.

The genuine historical artifacts displayed in Mattise Museum and Nice Archeology Museum depicts the historical aspects of this city of diverse ancient culture. Crowded by the traditional Russian onion towers at the back and the tropical palm trees at the front, the famous traditional Russian Cathedral of Nice is a vivid proof of the religious background of this city. The beautiful Theatre de la Photographie et de l'Image of Nice is a symbol of profound love of its people for music and photographs.

Next time you go to France head straight to Nice, live the best time there.

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