Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

The Marveled Niagara Falls

Even though it is difficult to write about facts pertaining to a location as wondrous as the Niagara Falls, the list of such things is never ending making the arduous task somewhat less daunting. Niagara Falls is a collective name for three great falls that sit astride the Canadian and US border in the adjacent states of New York and Ontario; with one of the waterfalls landing on Canadian soil and the other two being on the American side. Their history dates as far back as 12 500 years,  when the northern peninsula was freed from ice for the first time –that is when they came into existence but got dried out some 2 000 years later. Finally, they came back to stay somewhere in 3500 BC!

The three waterfalls, namely the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls,  together form the southern end of the Niagara Gorge where the waters from Lake Eerie are drained into Lake Ontario. The falls are most exhilarating experience to some and the most prized journey for the rest. On day time, the ensuing mist that engulfs everything in close vicinity to the falls especially the Horseshoe Falls gives a surreal picture –frozen in time and forceful with movement at the same time. The might of the world’s most renown falls according to water count is such that just the sound produced by the falling water is deafening –not literally though!

The Horseshoe Falls, the only waterfall among the three that lands in the Canadian region is the biggest of all three. The shape of the fall, if seen from an aerial view is exactly like that of a horseshoe with all the water falling with its might on the inside. It takes up almost 90% of the total water falling through the three and forms the deepest drop of nearly 175 meters! The iconic shape of Horseshoe Falls combined with its size and might have turned it into the image that people identify the Niagara Falls with. The other two; the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls, though much smaller in size, are still an integral part of the scenic beauty purported by the Niagara Falls. Falling in the state of New York, these two drop waters into the Lake Ontario as well, completing a panoramic view of majesty –a wonder in itself.

If you are up for the visit in summers, the trip could take up a lot of your time as the Canadian Government makes sure that tourists have a colorful night along with a thrilling day as well. At night, gigantic spotlights light up the falls till late into the night, coloring them in different shades it gives a sight worth marveling from the hotels situated opposite to their area. At day time,  you can go for the ever famous cruise ship named Maid of the Mist –the oldest known tourist attraction of Niagara Falls. Or you could go to the observatory towers of Prospect Point Park and there on the hike towards the Cave of the Winds from Goat Islands, something that could certainly stir up your adventure juices –picture hiking between two of the greatest falls in the world; the Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls! Among many others, the most notable would be the Queen Victoria Park that gives you a spectacular view of its gardens with a backdrop of the falls.

For a person who has never been there before, and is planning a tour; there could be no substitute to the Niagara Falls –the ultimate location!

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