Niagara Falls–A Must Visit For The Tourists

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a name given to three waterfalls that span on the international border between province of Ontario in Canada and the state of New York in the United States of America. Niagara Falls was formed in the last ice age when glaciers receded.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is exceptionally wide and is considered a valuable source of hydroelectric power. There are two hydroelectric plants which draw water into their reservoirs prior to the Falls. Their intake greatly affects the volume of water flowing over the Falls.

The three waterfalls that make the Niagara Falls are:

1. The Horseshoe Falls
2. The American Falls
3. The Bridal Veil Falls

On Canadian side, you can find the Horseshoe fall, while the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are located on the American side.

When tourists want to visit the Niagara Falls most of the time, they simply head straight to the Canadian side. There are some of the exotic destinations in and around the Niagara Falls of the U.S. side which are overlooked most of the times by the guests. Majestic wonders are here as well. Only when you come closer to the brinks of the Niagara Falls you come to know about the wonders to behold in the American side of it.

The amount of water falling away depends on two variables.

1.  The time of the year
2.  The time of the day

Flow is greatest over the Niagara Falls in the daytime during June, July, and August, which is the tourist season peak. If needed the flow can be somewhat reduced by the hydroelectric companies increasing their intake.

Niagara Falls tours

Niagara Falls tours are of the best ways to have a detailed tourism experience in Niagara.   There are several tours offering services available in the Canadian and the United States sides. It is entertaining and fun to see the overwhelming number of Niagara Falls attractions. The tours can be private and customized. Tourists can have cruises, helicopters and balloon tours of Niagara Falls. People have access to water sports like kayaking, jet boats, canoeing and sport boats. Tours are even offered by walking around the Falls or on bicycles.

Kids attractions at Niagara Falls

Every year almost 12 million people visit the Niagara Falls, a lot of them are families and among them are kids. Parents always look for attractions other than Niagara Falls to keep children busy and happy. Both Canada and the U.S. have family-friendly attractions that make a visit to Niagara Falls more fun and adventurous for guests of all ages. The Following are some interesting places to visit:

1. Niagara Gorge Discovery Center: This Center in New York features interactive shows that teach kids about science and history of the Niagara Falls. Children can learn about locally found fossils and minerals from the area.
2. Cave of the Winds: kids who want to have a closer look at the falls will find the Cave of the Winds adventurous.
3. Aquarium of Niagara: The Aquarium of Niagara located outside the Niagara Falls State Park. It features more than 1,500 aquatic animals including the endangered lake sturgeon, which is native to the Niagara River. While at the aquarium, children can enjoy sea lion performances and penguin and shark feedings.
4. Niagara Adventure Theater: The Niagara Adventure Theater New York gives kids a chance to experience the history of the region via projection onto a giant screen.
Niagara Falls SkyWheel: the Niagara Falls SkyWheel found on the Canadian side of the falls with views of Horseshoe and American Falls. Guests ride in enclosed gondolas that have UV protected and can always take photos.
5. Falls view Indoor Water park: This is an indoor water park in Ontario Canada. It has an indoor wave pool, outdoor sundeck, water slides, a toddler water play area and pool with a view of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is a vacation destination with an experience to match every kind of traveler from the thrill seeker to the love struck. Niagara Falls can be considered from the best places to head to for a vacation, where you can experience very romantic, wonderful moments and as for children they will have a great time. With a lot of remarkable attractions, countless fun events and hundreds of imaginative activities that’ll appeal to kids of all ages and the whole family. So if you are looking for excitement and enjoyment with your friends or if you are looking for unforgettable experience for a lifetime with your family and children or even if you want to spend time with your spouse for a honeymoon or a vacation. Niagara Falls is probably the best place for everyone.

It’s not only about gazing at the beauty of the falls but you can also enjoy several adrenaline-fueling activities as for instance the white water jet boats.
Even at night the Falls are impressive. You can enjoy them anywhere you have a Falls’ view – from your Niagara hotel, lounge or restaurant. Every Friday-Sunday during the summer months and on remarkable occasions, the falls fireworks add gives a fun atmosphere for the display.

State Park near Niagara Falls

Since 1885, the reservation park is available here open to the tourists as a major attraction. It is one of the oldest parks in the USA. The Central park as well as this one were both actually created by one and the same architect, Fredrick law. You have the American falls here, the bridal veil water falls, as well as the Goat Island and many more islands in the surrounding, too. Seasonal visitors are only seen in this part of the world though.

Goat Island

The Horshoe falls is actually separated from the bridal veils water falls by this island. You can reach here by car from the state park. Cave of the winds is a major attraction here. There are shuttle buses available for the guests to see in and around this location. Scenic vistas are there to enjoy your tour completely, out here. You can see the following major places around during your tour without fail:

1. Luna Island
2. American Rapids
3. Terrapin Point
4. Cave of the Winds
5. Observation Tower
6. Whirlpool State Park

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