New York City-Travel, Thoughts and Truth

new york city

There I was sitting on the window seat on a plane headed for the greatest city on the world, looking out into space, and I realized that adventure had finally started for me. I had been trying to convince my parents to let me go alone and after a year and a half of pleading they had finally relented and I was going to my dream city for a month, New York.

I had researched thoroughly about the travel stops, the hotels, all the halal places for eating and the subway stops. Searching for the hotels was useless though because I had to stay with my aunt and that was the condition on which my parents let me go alone.

Stepping off the plane was exhilarating; the stewardess wished me good luck and I knew that I needed it. When I got into the car with my aunt I felt the difference between my world and this world. Everything in this world was bigger from the cars to the people and from buildings to roads.

I had made a list of all the spots I was going to visit, and the top destinations on my list were:

1) Empire state Building-where King Kong was brutally shot and the city can be viewed at its best via the observation decks.

2) Liberty Island-housing the Statue of Liberty which symbolizes freedom.

3) Central park-that endless piece of greenery and nature where many a movies had been shot.

4) American Museum of Natural History-an amazing place for not only history lovers but for laymen too.

5) Rockefeller Center-skating on its renowned skating rink, a music hall and an observatory deck.

The month I spent in New York was the best of my life because I got to do what I wanted to do; I got to experience something new, something great and something special. Catching the subway was exciting as I had never gotten on a train that traveled a hundred miles an hour! It is a city that is always in a hurry; people rushing to offices, restaurants rushing to serve people and taxis rushing to drop people. Every bit of the city was in a hurry and I loved it.

Behind the glamour of the city I saw something that I could see in my own country too; there was poverty here. Homelessness is quite popular these days.

What I learnt from this trip is that New York is an amazing place. This journey was a refreshing experience which taught me that no matter what or how something looks from the outside you never know what you might find on the inside.

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