Why You Need To Go Ski in Canada

Ski in Canada

Each year, millions of tourists converge in Canada to ski. This convergence is largely motivated by the picturesque, state of the art, and highly maintained ski resorts in Canada. The extremely popular resorts including, Whistler, Banff and Mont-Tremblant, among others not only provide for outstanding ski sessions but also allow year-round activities and hence a reason to always be there. Such include hiking trails, spas, excellent restaurants, hotels as well as amazing shopping spots.

Canadian ski locations

Skiing in Canada is broken down into westerns and eastern Canada. Western Canada skiing in most instances is used to refer to skiing in British Columbia and Alberta. Out east, Quebec however remains the most popular ski destination across Ontario although the Maritime Provinces also pride in a number of ski resorts. Skiing caliber in Canada can only be matched to that of top ski destinations across the globe.

Other than the major Canadian ski destinations, each and every province in the lovely country has some lovely ski resorts. Nonetheless, these have much smaller hills, in addition to offering lesser challenges. The respective websites for each of the provinces offer lots of information to guide visitors with respect to ski sites.

The best times to ski in Canada

Although Canada is reputed for offering all year round activities, skiing is best done in the periods between November and April although there are substantial differences with respect to the region where one intends to ski. Moderate climate is found in BC and Alberta and hence offer longer ski seasons as compared to other spots in Canada. Additionally, there is a mountain in Whistler which remains open at the top through to mid-June.

British Columbian ski sites

Most of the ski sites in Canada are found in British Columbia. In general, BC offers more than 55 ski resorts, all of which offer downhill skiing. The region is typically blessed with lots of snow, light, high mountain ranges, moderate climate as well as airy powder.

The most famous of the ski resorts is Whistler Blackcomb located just two hours’ drive outside Vancouver. Ski lovers who fear straying away from Vancouver can access downhill skiing 15 minutes Grouse Mountain found downtown.

Nonetheless, those seeking extra adventure will find no better place than the British Columbia. Amongst the best attractions are top heli-skiing, cat-skiing, as well as back country ski destinations.

Alberta Skiing

Alberta prides in Rocky Mountains and is home to three of the largest ski draws in the region. These include Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Sunshine Village and Mt. Norquay. These are all found in Banff National Park, which is famous for its high amount of light as well as dry powder which is accumulated in winter and is known to be delightful to skiers. It offers heli-skiing and can provide skiers deep powder within astonishing settings.

Quebec Skiing

Unlike other ski destinations, Quebec does not offer towering mountain ranges or even expansive mountains. Nonetheless, it is still rated as a popular ski destination. Its Ski locations include Laurentians, Quebec City as well as the Eastern Townships and Charlevoix. Its proximity to two unique and amazing cities makes it a top ski destination.

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