Naran Khagan: The Place with the Eternal Scenic Beauty

Naran Khagan

Naran Khagan situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa district of Pakistan represents a famous valley that collects the Alpine climate. Naran in Pakistan emerges as the town accumulating the overwhelming scenic beauty with the Kunhar River flowing across along with the glacial melt.

It represents more than 100 hotels that can accommodate the large number of tourists visiting here to experience the real time beauty. In addition, you can also stay in the motel that is operated under Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). Moreover, also the place accretes a safe public transportation from Maneshra to Naran every day that takes the commuters to the destination.

Here is a brief description of the prominent places surrounding the small town without which the trip to Naran would be incomplete:

Lake Saiful Maluk

The legendary lake that remains above 3000 meters from the sea level is famous for the natural scenery that is positioned only at a distance of 9 Km from Naran. You can simply take a local transport to reach the place thus experiencing the ultimate peaceful atmosphere here. Swathed with the amazing snow covered mountains it shows up a heavenly beauty that is difficult to express. The clear waters of the lake reflect the entire backdrop that seriously creates a glorifying situation. You can perceive such astonishing circumstances due to the crystal clear water of the lake. It serves as the mirror coming out with the lucid picture of the whole landscape.

Lalazar Plateau

After you catch the beautiful view of the Saiful Maluk next you arrive at the Lalazar Plateau that appears as another part of heaven. It accumulates a height of 3200 meters above the sea level and from Naran it swathes a total distance of 21 Km. The bright, colorful flowers adorn the entire backdrop, and even the flowers spread a pleasant smell that gives you a feel of serenity deep inside your mind. Moreover, the tourists can also arrange a camp here thus enjoying the endless beauty all the daylong. Overall, the place is famous for the eye-catching natural treasures increasing the beauty of the place.

Jared: Discover the Local Artifacts

visiting the small place located at a distance of 40 Km from Balakot, you can have a look on the articles written by the residents here. The precious creations are displayed on the Handicrafts Development center under the state government. So, you can get an overall idea regarding the lifestyle of the people here through the unique things they develop. Furthermore, you can see the carved furniture that represents an exceptional design.

Other items that also deserves a quick mention include the hand weaved shawls and the namda rugs that represent a typical standard of living here. Situated 34 Km from Balakot, Shrogan appears as another place which you should not miss out Enclosed with the beautiful snow capped Himalayan peaks it gives you climate that accompanies the ultimate pleasure and comfort. So, taken as a whole Naran Khagan unifies the boundless natural landscapes that afford you an especial feel on the laps of nature.

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