Nantucket Island - The Most Thrilling Summer Destination

Nantucket Island

Most people love traveling to regions with the least population, where they can spend some peaceful moments with their loved ones. Nantucket Island, located in the State of Massachusetts, is the best summer destination for lovers of peace and quiet. One can book a resort on this Island for their vacation to enjoy the tremendous wildlife and the most popular lighthouses in the world. There are many amazing spots on Nantucket Island that would entice you to extend your trip, hence you must dedicate in advance the major part of your holidays to this place.

The best hotels that you should consider staying at while here are: Union Street Inn, the Nantucket Hotel and Resort, White Elephant Village Inn, the Veranda House, the Beachside and White elephant. You won’t regret going to any one of these.

Now let’s take a tour of the most amazing places to visit on Nantucket Island. You should note down the following list, as a visit to each of these locations is compulsory for the beauty and luxury they offer to tourists.

First Congregational Church

You can perhaps begin your tour with a kind deed. The First Congregational Church is not just a church but its interior and architecture will mesmerize you for sure. You can climb the 94 steps of the building to reach the top. There are resting chairs and benches on the way where you can stop and catch your breath before continuing. On reaching the top, the entire Nantucket Island can be viewed. Here you can take some beautiful photographs and enjoy the view of the sunset.

Old Mill

If you are a history lover then you need to check out the history behind the famous Old Mill. It’s a windmill which is amazingly still operational today. You can climb up the stairs to the top where you can see the island’s broader view. The Old Mill attracts mostly kids who can watch the making of flour where the makers tell you how the folks spent their lives in older days. If you have a ticket to the Whaling Museum then you can also take advantage of the entry to this mill absolutely free of charge.

Some other great points to visit are:

Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum

Surfside Beach

Brant Point Lighthouse

Whaling Museum

Great Point Light

Nobadeer Beach

Moors End Farm

Bike Tours

You can also add some fun moments to your trip with a bike tour. There are several bicycle and bike rental services at cheap rates.

Boat Tours

If you love boating then you can experience some great boat tours as well but don’t forget to check the weather conditions in advance.

Walking Tours

Walking tours are the best tours of all. They are free of all expenses and of course they help shed calories as well. The beauty of Nantucket Island can’t be enjoyed in any better way than strolling and wandering along the beaches. But wait, there's more! There are plenty of other pleasurable activities that you can enjoy including wildlife tours, hiking and camping, eco tours, etc. Please let us know about your experience! Happy traveling!

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