Nanjing The Capital of Six Dynasties


Nanjing is one of the most important cities in China. It is located in Jiangsu province, and it is the capital city of that region. It is considered one of the first Chinese cities to establish in this wonderful country. Many tourists wish to visit this place because its culture as well as its monuments is very interesting.

Nanjing is known as the capital of six dynasties because some rulers decided to move the capital of their empire to Nanjing in six different moments of history. They did it because Nanjing began to grow and flourish in early 2nd century. It survived to many changes that resulted in the construction of astonishing monuments. In the 19th century, a violent situation happened in the city. After the Nanjing Treaty was signed, Taiping rebels fought against the government. The rebels took control of the city, but it was won back by the Qing government. This caused thousands of deaths, and it became one of the bloodiest episodes in Nanjing’s history.

Nowadays, Nanjing still is a flourishing city, but all its violent past has been overcome. Now, it is a destination that any tourist cannot miss. In this wonderful city, you will find majestic monuments that are evidence of all the history that has surrounded Nanjing since it began to flourish in early 2nd century. In Nanjing, you can find very interesting places like Zhonghua Gate that is the longest construction of its kind in the world. Aside from this beautiful building, Nanjing keeps some of the most precious places in China. Some of those are the Qixia Temple, the white Linggu Temple and so on. You also need to visit cultural places like the Nanjing Museum. This city has some other attractions like the Quinhuai River. All the places previously stated should be visited when you decide to go to Nanjing.

China leaders know that culture should coexist with technology. Therefore, the government has implemented technological advances in this city. Nowadays, Nanjing is one of the most developed cities in China, but its growth has not stopped because investors consider that Nanjing is an excellent place to invest their money. The overview of the city will not remind you to its historical background but to its technological development. The amount of skyscrapers that can be observed is huge. The Nanjing’s development is not only appreciated in its skyscrapers but also for its transportation system.

Nanjing as well as some other astonishing cities like Beijing and Shanghai bases its transportation on the subway. If you make the right decision of visiting Nanjing, you will not need to worry about going to any place because you can efficiently get to any destination on time. Remember that Nanjing has many attractions that you need to visit. Let yourself amazed with this beautiful city that offers to its visitors many attractions that go from cultural places and historical monuments that you will love to admire to technological advances of all kinds. You will not regret on visiting Nanjing because its attractions are completely spelling binding and its inhabitants are really kind and hospitable.

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