Namaqualand-Unearth The Bewitching Wonder


An endless desert, with big skies and carpets of beautiful flowers is what attracts many a visitor to Namaqualand in the springtime. The region which extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the West, to the great Orange River in the north, and south beyond Garies provides its visitors with a unique beauty which is as diverse as the region itself. Namaqualand, which is an arid region of Namibia and South Africa, is a wonder to many a visitor. Following a good dose of rainfall in the winter, this region does beautifully transform from its arid atmosphere to beautiful colored flowers, boasting of over 4000 species of flowers.

Much as it is mesmerizing to discover the enchanting beauty of the flower in an area that was previously dry(in the summer months) , there is a lot more on offer while in the beautiful region of Namaqualand. Be sure to visit its nature reserves with their beautiful collection of flora and fauna, enjoy a bit of mountain biking at the Kamiesberg Mountains, or go bird watching with the numerous species of birds available. You could also pay a visit to the Orange River, where you can enjoy a wonderful sport of rafting, swimming, or fishing. You could also pay a visit to the Khoisan rock art which is near Hopetown or you could pay a visit to the Kimberly and the Big Hole which is the legendary diamond-mining town.

Ultimately, regardless of the bewitching flowers that come to life annually in this region, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is a fascinating location to visit with a number of interesting activities to partake, and gorgeous surroundings to explore. You get to enjoy the permanent amphitheatre of semi-desert grandeur with a visit to the region. The best time to visit this gorgeous region, provided that it has received sufficient rain in the winter to bring forth its colorful beauty is from mid-July to the end of September.

Namaqualand does tend to hide its treasures, what with a dry desert coming to a colorful life in the springtime, and a number of copper deposits, rich diamond diggings, gypsum, and gemstones that make for the region’s great mineral wealth.

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