Mysteries of Salem


Located in Essex, a county of Massachusetts in United States is the wonderful town named Salem. It’s a peaceful small town with a population of mere 45,000 offering a perfect holiday destination for people who love to spend their leisure time in serenity and tranquility.

Major attraction of the town is the famous Salem ferry ride, which started in 2006. It is a 28 meter high speed ferry and it operates between the towns of Salem and Boston. The journey takes approximately fifty minutes, and all facilities are available on the Ferry such as fancy dinner and a roof top for site seeing.

Many interesting, frightening horror stories about witches are associated with the town of Salem. Some people even claim that few places of the town are bewitched, but whatever the truth is Government is happy about these stories as they boost tourism in the town. People from all parts of the world like to visit this small town especially to find some witch, or to get a bewitched object that they can later on show their friends and family. The Government special arrangements for Halloween and the fire works on Halloween night have become trademark of the town.

If you are an art lover then you must visit the famous Peabody Essex museum. It is one of the largest museums in the region and contains most spectacular objects and artworks from all over the globe. A walk in the museum would be just like going through different cultures. The museum covers Native American, New England and Asian culture, and contains artifacts which are centuries old. The feature distinguishing this museum from the rest of is that it contains a photography section, which is filled with photographs from all over the world. Some of those photographs cost millions.

Childhood is a phase in life that each person cherishes. Cartoons are favorite friends of children and they not only adore them but also consider them role models. Salem toy museum provides you with the opportunity to walk across the corridors of your childhood and for a moment forget all things and turn into a kid. This toy museum is not only kid's favorite but also grownups, as it contains many of your childhood favorite characters; the magical journey which covers five decades of toy transformation is surely an outstanding experience.


Misery Islands and Pioneer village are too must visit places in Salem. Misery Islands were first established in 1935, and there is a myth associated with it of a sailor who was stranded on this island. The place was once a golf club with more than twenty cottages, but now no one lives there. Pioneer village was created in 1930, and is the United States’ very first living history museum.  People can actually experience the lives of their ancestors! Salem is a small town with so many attractions that it is worth visiting when you are in the US.

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