Europe is home to some of the most elegant cities in the world. Travelling to Europe has always been the travel fantasy of millions. The likes of Rome, Cannes, Barcelona, Lisbon etc., have their own charm in terms of architecture and culture. But ask anyone about the most contemporary cities of Europe, and Munich, Germany will surely come first. Tourists throng here to soak in the truly modern atmosphere that the city offers with places of visit like:

Deutsches Museum:

The Deutsches Museum, translated to the German Museum is one of the oldest and largest museums in the world of science and technology. The Germans, one of the pioneers of modern engineering, have placed artefacts and historical pieces as proof of their advancement in the scientific field in the beautiful museum, which has a breath-taking exterior to match the colossal exhibits in its interior. One of the Meccas of engineering, the place attracts over 1.5 Million visitors every year, a testament to Germany’s long standing majesty and brilliance.


If you are in Germany, there is no escape from the influence that beer hold in the country. Oktoberfest is a celebration of the fusion of beer and German culture in the city of Munich. Dating back to 1810, it has evolved into the biggest funnest in the world with people, including celebrities and sport stars taking part in the 16-day long fest. Dancers, singers and other entertainers will keep crowds enthralled as they taste some of the finest beer in the world, from the Bavarian region. Also, various amusement rides and traditional German food is cooked for guests visiting the fest. Held in the month of October, the German government encourages people to take part in their fest.

Allianz Arena:

Allianz Arena is one of the best football stadiums in the world. People know how serious the Germans take their football. Home to the world famous Bayern Munich Football Club, as well as host to The National Team, the stadium is one that incorporates state of the art technology to enthral its 70000 seating capacity. A must visit for football fans all over the world.

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