Munich City

Munich City

Munich, the city of beer mugs, sausages and lederhosen. That is the one of the first thing which comes to tourists visiting the Bavarian capital, however there is so much more to do in Munich than just eating. Even if your travel plan coincides with the famous festival, be sure to experience the real Munchen, a city of green parks, incredible architecture, and automotive engineers and also, the known mountain climbers.

Whether you are looking for drunken revelry or an education in history and culture, this cosmopolitan city has it all.

Munich has beautiful architecture and a stroll through the city of a town that has been constantly in flux. Museums are spread all over the city and beer gardens fuel hungry culture seekers with sausages and also, try frosty glass mugs of brew.

The best attractions to see in Munich are:

  • MarienPlatz:  It has been the central point of the city – both culturally and geographically. In the middle Ages, the square was often used for holding festivals and markets. As the time moved by, it became the cultural and political point with both the Old City Hall and New City Hall. The New City Hall is very much a symbol of Munich and a must see for anyone visiting the city.

  • Nymphenburg Palace: This palace offers grand architecture and gorgeous landscapes. You can take a self-guided tour of extravagant building, a light-flooded ballroom, a shimmering hall of mirrors and crystal chandeliers aplenty. If you have few spare hours, you can check the magnificent gardens, where you will find fountains, cottages, ponds and hidden treasures. If you want to have a feel of more swanky side of Munich, the Nymphenburg Palace is a place for you.

  • St. Peterskirche Tower: Welcome to Munich oldest church, most efficiently known as Old Peter. The church has a tall steeple that can be climbed by anyone who wants an excellent view of the surrounding mountains. The 306 steps of stairs are great for workout with the incentive of that wonderful view; however one can also take an elevator.

  • Deutsches Museum: It is the most important and by far one of the best science museums in the world. The museums owns more than 100,000 objects related to science and technology, which covers from Stone Age to today. It has the famous first motorized aircraft built by Wright brothers, the first diesel engine, the first program controlled computer and many more things which are true in today’s world. This is a place for people who want to have fun and also, some learning along with it.

  • Alte Pinakothek: The Old Pinakothek house carries the oldest and masterpieces of paintings in it. “Pinakothek” refers to the period of art that the museum specializes in and majorly referring to old world painters. While, the “Neue Pinakothek” covers the 19th century and newly opened Pinakothek covers mostly the modern era paintings.

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