Montreal, located in Canada's Quebec province, is the largest in the province and the second largest city in the entire country. Montreal is a city of enterprise and beauty. UNESCO had named it “City of Design”. With Canada being a hot tourist attraction all over North America for it's cool temperatures and friendly atmosphere, Montreal is a must visit city. The city is on the island of Montreal, consisting of smaller islands. Some of Montreal’s tourist attractions include:

Old Montreal:

Old Montreal consists of the old city hall building which was built way back in the year 1872 and took six years to be completed. Located right by the Champ de Mars, the place has a significant history in politics, because it was on its balcony that French President, Charles de Gaulle uttered the words, “Vive le Québec Libre!" which translated to “Long Live Quebec, and helped ease tensions between the nations.

Mount Royal:

Sometimes cities offer the best views of itself from a beautiful vantage point. Mount Royal is one of the most important Montreal tourist attractions because it gives a splendid view of the city from atop a small hill. Various recreational activities and small lakes surround it, giving it a natural feel.

St. Joseph’s Oratory:

Canada is a strongly Christian country, and one of Montreal’s tourist attractions is theSt.Joseph’s Oratory, which is the largest church in the whole country. Built in 1904, the church underwent several changes over a few decades before finally getting accomplished in the year 1967. A major tourist and religious attraction, the beautiful architecture of the church is certainly something to marvel at.

Biodome de Montreal:

Montreal’s tourist attractions take on a whole new meaning with the Biodome de Montreal. Situated in the heart of the city, the biodome is in a way resembling a zoo, except that the animals are allowed to roam freely and tourists can snap pictures and look at them. Tickets are available online and tourists have other animal activities that they can take part in.

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