Mombasa, more than just a port!


Mombasa which is the second largest city in Kenya is located on the east coast of Kenya and provides for a fantastic place to visit. It has a number of fascinating attractions for its visitors. Mombasa, which is a profitable cosmopolitan port town, has a lot more to offer its visitors than just numerous ferries and bridges, where commercial shipping mingles with traditional sailingDhows.

When you make your way to the exotic old town, the sheer beauty of the area will blow you away. You will get to walk through narrow winding streets as you gaze upon gorgeous Arab architecture and smell the wonderful scents of spices that float through the air. Everywhere you turn, you will be surrounded by colors. Men and women bring the narrow streets to life as they walk through them with their bright colored traditional Khanga and kikoy, which is an all-purpose wrap cloth worn by both men and women.

When you make your way to the water’s edge, you will come across Fort Jesus as it stands majestically over the harbor. The Fort stands tall as a reminder of a period in time when a struggle between the Shiraz Arabs and the Portuguese army ensued for control of the Kenyan coast.

Mombasa is a beautiful blend of culture, history and people. It also provides visitors with plenty of attractions.

A look at some of the things you could partake while in Mombasa:

  • Safaris, which are one of the most common norms while in Kenya. You couldtake safaris to bewitching parks and take a look at beautiful animals in their habitat.

  • Relax at pristine beaches

  • Explore gorgeous buildings, both old and new and be mesmerized by their amazingarchitectural designs.

  • Visit old ruins such as Fort Jesus which has managed to preserve its basic shape from the time it was built.

  • Take a boat ride through the beautiful shimmering waters of the ocean and go snorkeling or deep sea fishing in the beautiful waters. Alternatively, you could opt for Dhow cruises through the glistering waters of the coast.

  • Pay a visit to different parks, museums and cultural centers.

Go for theme-park trips. Take a drive under the palm trees with a Go-kart or climb aboard the more traditional donkeys and camels and get transported through bewitching beauty.

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