Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard

The Beautiful beaches of this island got more attention when President Obama decided to spend some time here this August. The result of was an increased number of people spending their holidays in this already famous location. There are already well known locations like The Black Dog Tavern, Mad Martha’s Ice cream and Cliffs at Aquinnah with many less known locations.

There seems no need to elaborate the already legendary spots situated on this island. Let me tell you about few others which are less known but still as fascinating places as the others.

Now first on the list is Oak Bluffs. In 1884 Flying Horses Carousel was moved here from Coney Island. For a meager fare you can experience riding on the horses while catching the rings with side arms. There is a Game Room also where you can enjoy various arcade and skill games.

Coming on to the second in the list is the Edgartown. Here you can visit Martha’s Vineyard museum. After that you can visit Edgartown library which is famous for holding concerts in its lawn. The library offers non residential library cards also if you wish to subscribe them for reading books for short period of time. Edgartown Cinema is also worth visiting.

Vineyard Playhouse situated in Vineyard Haven was used as a place for the Methodist get together. Today it has emerged as a theater group. In Island Cove Adventure you can enjoy playing miniature golf. The best thing about this golf club is that it is open all the time no matter it rains or shines.

There are few very interesting activities to do here as well. You can go Menemsha to witness a wonderful sunset. You can explore Mytoi Gardens on Chappaquiddick if you want to enjoy natural beauty.

Biking is also a great activity for the visitors of this splendiferous island. You can easily rent a bike in Oak Buffs or Edgartown. You can bring your own also in a ferry. Biking provides the tourists with the opportunity to customize their tours, and they can stop and appreciate at places as they desire. Otherwise with a tour guide or a pre booked vehicle, it would end up sticking with the prefixed plan no matter what the tourists actually feel to do.

Even on a rainy day you can visit Island Alpaca. There is a large barn which houses many Alpacas which are interesting animals resembling a mix between sheep and camel.

Don’t be too much bothered on where to eat or sleep once you have visited Martha’s Vineyard and since your options will be many. There are four main restaurants located near the vineyard where you will get quality services at affordable rates. Their proximity to the place and guaranteed security will make the restaurants a good choice for your consideration.

The first one is Winnetu Oceanside Resort where they have regular programs for children. The fact that their rooms are spacious enough serves as the best place to reside with your family whenever on vacation. Furthermore, its vantage location will offer you the best view of beaches and other attractions in and around the Martha’s Vineyard. Some of the activities to enjoy at the resort are golfing and biking.

The Dockside Inn has some of the best equipped rooms including kitchens and bedrooms. It is an equally good place to spend your night or have meals with family when around the Vineyard. The place is secure and well suitable for kids of up to 13 years and above. There are no hazards like open swimming pools, thus you can come along with your youngest toddler.

If you are looking for a charming accommodation option then Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites is the place to be at. It is one of the momentous eateries you will find around the Martha’s Vineyard thus has more to teach you over eating and accommodation.

The last accommodation option you can think about is the Harbor View Hotel & Restaurant which hosts ceremonial dinner by the sea. If you are out to accommodate, there are up to three bedroom houses and the choice will be yours.

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