Technology & Maritime Museum

Where else in the world would you find a skyscraper with a 90° twist? Yes there is one in Dubai, but Dubai is also hot and strict. You would stick to the cool friendly Swedish town of Malmo and enjoy this engineering spectacle known as the “Turning Torso”. And of course there are other reasons of visiting Malmo as well.


Old World Charm with Modern Facilities: Malmo offers you the best of both worlds. It offers the laid back charm of old fashioned Scandinavian town, along with the new technological comforts that we are used to.

Intellectual Stimulation: For the record, it is the fourth-most inventive city in the world (Yes it is…!) The fresh air is full of ideas and intellect. The average Malmo resident knows his patent process well. It would be worth a while to know him.

Something for Everyone: Very few small towns would offer the uniquely different attractions that Malmo does. It takes cares of your mind body as well as the soul.


Technology & Maritime Museum: Do pay a visit to the Technology & Maritime Museum to see how fascinating technology can be (you even get to enter a submarine…!).

Did we mention the “Turning Torso”? It is real…see it to believe it.

Casino Cosmopol. Worth a visit for its architectural marvel, do walk in even if you don’t gamble (we won’t encourage that. Just like every other casino, the house has the advantage). But do pay a visit for the sheer atmosphere.

St. Petri (St. Peter's Church): After indulging in the world of gambling, do some soul cleansing. Ensure you visit the fabled St. Petri. The lovely contrast of stark exterior and extravagant interior is as refreshing as it is amazing.

DON’T MISS: Øresund Bridge: This one is an absolutely difficult to be missed. How many bridges in the world connect one nation to the other? Not many. But guess what? This one does. You cross the bridge, enjoy the scenic beauty, marvel this engineering feat, take a deep breath and you are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yes this bridge connects Sweden to Denmark. But let us tell you, once you have moved to Copenhagen, what you would really want to do is to cross the bridge again and reach back to Malmo…!

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