Malaysia, a country situated in the Far East part of Asia, a tropical country very close to the equator, holds special importance to me. I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu, a state to the south of India, which obviously brings out the question, how on earth is Malaysia close to me? Well, as you see, Malaysia has one of the highest settlements of Tamilians outside of Tamil Nadu, and despite me being a Malayalee from Kerala, Tamil Nadu holds more importance in my life as I grew almost up entirely in its borders and soaked up its culture; a very rich one indeed. So, I decided to make a trip to Malaysia and check out the places of interest and this is what I found.

KEDAH (Kadaram):

The State of Kedah, which was erstwhile known as Kadaram, was conquered by the Chola King of Tamil Nadu way back in the 11th Century AD. Having changed Governance over the years, the city is now a hustling and bustling commercial one and also houses the amazing island of Langkawi, one of the most coveted holiday spots in the world. A great place to unwind and relax, Kedah has a lot of goodies to offer tourists.

TAKAUPA (Takkolam):

This district, now a part of Thailand, is a part of the Malaysian peninsula and is also another Tamil bastion from the 13th century AD. It was said to have had the finest port in the Far East during the times of the Empire and its remains are still there for everyone to see. The heritage is preserved beautifully here. Truly, a must visit for history lovers.


One of the most iconic structures that are a prime example of the Tamil influence in Malaysia is the Batu Caves situated on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Getting its name from the Batu River which flows past the hills, it has a 42.7 meter long Lord Muruga statue, one of the most worshipped Tamil God that stands majestically in front of the cave painted in Gold. The caves in themselves are mystical and this attraction has been visited by famous personalities worldwide including European football teams on tour and Presidents of various nations.

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