The Magnificent Great Wall

Great Wall

The Great Wall of China is one of the most wonderful and interesting structures ever built by humans. It can be considered to be a miracle and masterpiece of architecture and engineering. Built from bricks, stone, woods and mud, the Great Wall was built as a fortress to stop the outside invasion on China. It was built to serve the purpose of defense.

When viewed from above, the wall appears to be zigzagging across the mountains, and it seems as if there is a dragon in the mountains. The dragons are often mentioned in the Chinese myths and legends, so the resemblance of a dragon is considered a good thing.

  • Measurements of the Magnificent Great Wall:

The length of the Great Wall is 7,200 km. Its height varies from 4.5 meter to 9 meter. As for the depth, at some places it is about 4.5 meter at minimum whereas at maximum, it is 8 meters. It took a lot of hard work and labor by humans to build this wall. The raw materials used in this wall include bricks, sand, soil, clay, wood and all that could be used according to the physical features of the area in which the wall was being built.

  • History of the Magnificent Great Wall:

The Great Wall was built in different periods. Main construction started in the era of the Qin dynasty starting from 221 BC. First phase of construction ended in 220 A.D. in the era of Han Dynasty. After that, in the era of Ming dynasty, the wall was built further. The purpose of the wall was to stop the barbarians from breaking in China. Millions of people contributed to the building of the wall, and many of them lost their lives.

The construction of wall started for the first time about 2,200 years ago. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang started this mega project. In the period of Qin Dynasty, they only had to join different sections of the walls. The wall was further extended by the Han dynasty. For further security, they added watchtowers to keep an eye on the invaders and also devised alert systems.

  • Great Wall Today:

Today, the Great Wall of China is not the one that was built by the Qin and Han dynasty. That wall, after undergoing the impacts of time and wars, got destroyed, and the one we see today was built about 600 years ago from today by the Ming Dynasty. At that time, the original wall had been devastated. It took more than 200 years for the Ming Dynasty to rebuild the portions of the walls. Why this wall has sustained the impacts of time is due to the interesting fact that in the construction of this wall, bricks were made from rice flour which made them very strong.

When the wall was built for the first time, it was quite unsuccessful because invaders breached it by going round it so it was abandoned, but today, it has become a very popular tourist spot and people from all around the world come to visit it.

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