Magic of Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is among the most famous Museums in the world. It is situated and positioned in New York City. It is it considered as the biggest art gallery in the whole world. It is reported that Metropolitan Museum of Art contains the largest selection of precious and historical items. It contains more than 2 million products and pieces. Now the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been portioned between 17 different sections and departments. The primary and most important building of this museum is positioned within the eastern side of the Central Park.

Arms and Armor

The most significant and favorite selection of Metropolitan Museum of Art is department of Arms and Armor. This section of Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most identifiable and beautiful. It contains the top images of art gallery. This section was designed in 1975. It is reported that this section focused mainly on craftsmanship and designs. You find dozens of designs to display here. The powerful collection of European middle ages is also available here.

Arts of America and Africa

It is reported that Metropolitan Museum of Art also contains a big collection of arts from America, Oceania and Africa. The most famous business man in America, Nelson denoted a great amount of precious pieces for Metropolitan Museum of Art. He offered 3,000 pieces in 1990. Now the total number of pieces in this museum has exceeded to 11,000 pieces. Hence you can consider the Metropolitan Museum of Art as the most famous and the largest Museum in the world.

Tourist Activity

Last year, thousands of visitors and tourists visited this place. Now the number of visitors to this place is increasing as time passes. The increase in the tourist activity is due to large number of historical objects present here. The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers Asian art, African art, American art and others. Hence, a great collection of art is available here to entertain you. Now Metropolitan Museum of Art consists of various departments like Asian art department, African art department, American art department and others. It is very simple to find the various types of items and products here. In order to find the Asian arts, you can visit Asian art department. It is reported that the number of tourists are increasing with the passage of time to this place. The website of Metropolitan Museum of Art is also available. You can visit this site to have latest and best information about available art products and pieces.

Drawings and prints

The department of drawing and prints is also very famous. You can find the latest drawings in this department. The ancient and old drawings are also available. If you want to see and watch the latest collection of drawings here, you just need to visit this department. It is reported that total number of drawings in Metropolitan Museum of Art have exceed from 3000. It is a great collection of drawings for Art lovers. This great collection of drawings has always attracted the visitors and tourists worldwide.

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