Madina: Your Spiritual Refuge


Man is known for following one thing with his pure heart and that’s their religion. Religion unite us, it gives us a path and shows us where we should go. Visiting a religious place brings peace upon us. It helps us introspect and reflect on our own true self, who we are, who we want to be.

One of the prime places of religion is Madina officially al-Madīnah al-Munawwarah, "the radiant city” translated as Madinah in Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia and capital of Al Madinah Province.

The city owns a great importance for the Islamic world. The city is also known as Madinat Al-Nabi ("The City of the Prophet", i.e., Muhammad). The word Madinah which is a simple Arabic word for ‘city’ was previously named as Yathrib, but was then renamed by the Prophet Mohammad.

This city represents a great deal in history of Islam. It is the final resting place of Prophet Mohammad and the 2nd holiest city of Islam followers after the holy city of Mecca. Medina is critically significant in Islamic History as Muhammad's final religious base after the Hijrah and the location of his death in 632 AD/11 AH.

The city gained prominence as it was the base ground for growth of Islam and Muslim religion first under the tutelage of Prophet Mohammad and then under first four Caliphs, Abu Bakar, Omar, Othman and Ali.

The holy city of Madina has much to offer not just for those who come as religious pilgrims but also to the tourist who wants to explore the city. The city is rich in its history and culture because of such extended influence. It has some of the most magnificent moments that would show you the true beauty of Islamic Architecture and design, something which would take your breath away.

The city is always crowded, full of people who come to visit for many different reasons. There are numerous mosques with different designs and beauty. Each of them has a story to tell and tranquility to bring.

When you are in the city make sure to visit these mosques specifically; One is Masjid an-Nabi, Then there is Quba mosque which is famous for an amazing design made many years ago, the imam who is currently giving Adan and leading the prays  has a soft beautiful voice. Also there is Masjid al-Qilatain, it is the place where the Holy Prophet (pbuh) received a revelation from the Angel Gabriel while in the state of prayer to change the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Meccas.

And if you wish to shop there is an old Bazaar with a special Arabic style. You should also make a visit to Madain Saleh Tomb which is a ancient site narrating an unforgettable history.

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