Macadamia Nut Farm Offering Real Country and True Hospitality

Macadamia Nut Farm

Macadamia nuts are loved by many people for their buttery taste, crispness, and light texture. These exotic nuts that are loaded with a number of healthy nutrients came from a place as far as Australia to land in beautiful Hawaii. Hawaii is one of the biggest exporters of macadamia nuts, and that’s why the nuts are closely associated with these beautiful Islands.

The nuts, which are named after John Macadam, by his colleague; a botanist calledFerdinand von Mueller are native to Australia. They come encased in an extremely hard- to-crack shell, which could be the reason why the inner nutmeat took so long to be discovered as a tasty food source.

Oahu with its beauty and easy access from Hollywood became a go to place for television shows and movies, but this is just a scratch on the surface of what the island has to offer. The Island of Oahu, also known as “the gathering place” is the home of the Tropical farms of Hawaii of the macadamia nuts. The farm is one of the Island’s best-kept secrets, with a shop that flows with coffee, a number of macadamia nuts in different flavors,as well as, random knick-knacks and souvenirs.

Located in the windward side of Oahu near Kualoa ranch, the tropical farms have a lot to offer to nut lovers. A tour in the farm will leave you intrigued with the centuries old farming techniques that are unique to the islands, an explanation of the traditional Hawaiian agriculture as well as visiting the immense plantation and thefishpond on the property. Also, you will have a spectacular view of the mountains.

You will be able to try out the numerous free samples of the famed macadamia nuts and delicious coffee as well as other fruits. At the shops of the farm, you will be able to purchase from a wide variety of jewelry, creams, art, aromatic oils, nuts and other souvenirs to take back home as a souvenir from the beautiful trip to Oahu.

An educated tour of the farm using an old bus, will inform you about the different types of plants, their uses, the Hawaiian food,costumes, how to open a coconut, andhow to make a fire by rubbing sticks together. A tour in the farm is known as Ali’I tour and is conducted by “the chief” who will take you through the Hawaiian costumes, heritage, music, songs and dances.Also the fire dance is fascinating to visitors andparticularlyto children, where the chief rubs two sticks together to get a fire, and then proceeds to entertain the crowds with the fire dance.

Ultimately, while having a tour in Hawaii and especially on the windward side of Oahu, the macadamia nut farm outlet is a must visit.While on the farm, you will be astonished by the real country and true hospitality. The tropical farms come with the Kamehameha highway in the fore and the Pacific Oceanat the back, making it a truly magnificent place to visit.

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