Luau the Traditional Hawaiian Party


If you are desirous to visit a very interesting place, then there is a wonderful opportunity in front of you. The State of Hawaii, a star in the United States of America, should provide this experience you are looking for. There are many things to do in the island of Hawaii. You may want to visit Hawaii Island for its history as well as Ohau Island. If you want to see some modern history, perhaps you would like Pearl Harbor, the famous harbor that the Japanese army attacked during World War II. If you are more of the city type person, then you will most certainly enjoy Honolulu. The city is also the capital of the state and has a lot of things to offer.

There are also some traditional activities that you may find amusing. For example, there is a very famous festival that you may have already heard of before. It is called the Luau festival. In fact, Hawaiians usually use the term party and the term luau indistinctly. The blend has given a new set of words such as wedding luaus.

What makes a luau so important historically is that at the time before the Americans arrived, there was a strict rule that men and women should eat separately. From an objective point of view, this was very discriminatory. It must be mentioned too that women couldn't eat anything that wasn't completely common. It was then when King Kamehameha the Great became the supreme ruler of the island of Hawaii. He created his own house of rulers where Kamehameha IIwas born. When he came to be the king, he found that some religious traditions were simply obsolete and decreed that they should be abolished. To make this clear, he created feasts that are now known as luaus.

Modern forms of luaus include the use of local garments. The traditional necklace that is called “leis” is a must when coming to a luau. It is also basic to make the luau outdoors. There is no such thing as an indoor luau. Another very important thing of luaus is that they shouldcontain entertainment, such as live music and performance. As you may know, the ukulele is a key item in Hawaiian music, and it can’t be absent in a luau.

If you visit Hawaii, you shouldn't miss the chance to attend a luau. The experience is awesome and leaves you with a wonderful impression of what the Hawaiian people and culture are like. Hearing and seeing traditional musicians playing their drums and ukuleles are things you shouldn't miss. Feeling the ambience of a real Hawaiian party, or a luau, is very important if you want to say that you know the State of Hawaii. Luaus may take place in backyards as well as public parks. There are public luaus for tourists to visit and the most important thing is that in Hawaii it is always time for luau.

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