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Churchill War Rooms

A Churchill War room is the shortened name of the Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms that it got in 2010. Out of five Imperial War museums, this one is very popular residing on Westminster nearby river Thames.

The building consists of Cabinet War Rooms, a secret British government command center underground, Churchill Museum and a beautiful biography of highly respected Politian Winston Churchill. This building construction was completed in 1939 before the uprising of European war; hence, was utilized to keep the British army and other officers safe during World War 2.

However, the building was abandoned after war calmed down in 1945, thus it was settled to preserve the building, as it saved the life of many people. In 1980, only few people were allowed to visit the place after taking an appointment. Finally, in 1984 doors were opened for public. Since then, regular maintenance of the historic place is maintained by Imperial War Museum. According to 2011 data 364,583 visitors visited the place.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A as a shortcut) is located at Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington on an area of 12.5 acres. In 1852, the museum got its name after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. V&A is titled as the world’s largest museum of decorative designs and arts as it is permanently equipped with more than 4.6 million objects scattered in 145 galleries. Collection comprises from 5000 years old objects to recent times, so it is a great museum with timeline of 5000 years old items to the current ones from all around the globe including Europe, Asia North America, and North Africa. There is wide range of collection for example Drawings, Jewelry, Metalwork, Musical Instruments, Photography, Painting, and Sculpture etc.

Due to importance of this site, approximately 150 million pounds have been spent since 2001 on the renovation to assure superior facilities for visitors. By the way, entrance to the museum is free enabling 3,231,700 visitors in 2012 to have a look at the astonishing galleries and sit in the massive garden on a sunny day for free.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is a major component of Queen Elizabeth Park that was specifically built to host 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. The stadium was constructed in 2011 at Stratford; however, it was opened in 2012 for Olympics. The Stadium was used to host opening and closing ceremony of Olympics daily, other than that track and field events also incurred here. Constructed at a cost of 486 million pounds with a seating capacity of 80, 000 audience becoming the third largest stadium in England.

The Interior of the stadium is outstanding; it has LED lights that allow beatifying the entire stadium with illumination and running animated content to amuse audience. After the Olympics and Paralympics, it is a hot spot for variety of other events (including sports and concerts) due to the fact that it is on good location, having excessive seating capacity, a massive field comprising of 400 meter track of 9 lanes and a sprint track of 60 meter indoor. By July 2013, the stadium was ready for hosting events for instance London Grand Prix, Rugby World Cup (2015), West Ham United (2016), IPC Athletics World Championships (2017), IPC Athletics World Championships (2017), and various other events.

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