London–Make Your Bucket List

London–Make Your Bucket List

There are many great places to visit in this world but some are more prominent than other. London, capital of United Kingdom is one such city. Known across masses; there would not be a soul on this earth who has not dreamt of visiting London. It is epitome of beauty, class and elegance in itself and amass a large amount of prospective to see. In the present world economy and stature power London is probably the 2nd strongest capital in the world. Let us find out what to expect when you finally get a chance to see the beautiful city.

Make your bucket list

London has many beautiful amazing and mesmerizing places to visit. It has a blend of every thing so practically any and all tourists can enjoy here. It has art, history, modernization, and shops and store for shopping, which is unique in its own self. Some of the places have very common occurrence along digital media, every one might have seen on there television sets or in movie theater. The places like Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower of London, Buckingham palace, Madame Tussauds are some of the most common and prominent places to visit. These places are on the bucket list of anyone and everyone who visits London. So remember to check these out on your visit.

Love art? You would not want to leave

If you love art and history, you are in for a surprise. There are numerous number of museums which amassbeautiful art in them. For example, Royal Museum of Greenwich, Victoria and albert museum, science museum, natural history museum to name a few. When in London there is enough place to see feel and absorb that even a week time would seem less. You must take open bus ride across the city and cross over Thames River; you must click a picture with the royal guard.  And well who can forget Warner Bros studio and the adventure of Harry Potter. London has endless opportunity and places to explore and all you need to do is put your heart into the city.

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