London: the Ideal Tourist Destination


For tourists from all over the world, London offers a lot of attractions and great places to visit. Here is a brief guide to why you may find the city as interesting and livable.

Attractive and Lively Places in London

The British Museum is an antique place that gives the feeling of being traditional and classy at the same time, with the unique works of man that dates from pre-historic ages to modern times. If you are looking for a place that would make you alive with masterpieces of the past, British Museum is a necessary visit for you.

The Big Ben is one of the biggest attractions of London for years. Built between 1843 and 1858, the clock was once the largest in the whole world and is currently the largest in the United Kingdom. The clock had been the reason of attractions as it had been a reliable one. The hour bell was most probably named after the First Commissioner of Works, Benjamin Hall.

Madame Tussuads is bound to an amazing experience. Take photos with the most famous faces.  You can find a statue for Lady Gaga, William Shakespeare, and many others. You can encounter all the famous faces all in one, under one roof. From showbiz personalities to renowned politicians, strike a pose with anyone.

London Eye is another major attraction that has been one of the prides of London. It takes pride in holding up to 25 persons to watch breathtaking view. Climb aboard and enjoy the view of almost the city's 55 landmarks, all in just 30 minutes.

Tate Modern is considered as one of the royal classy monuments which stand grandly on the Thames' banks. The monument is of a unique shape, since it has been a power station earlier. It hosts many temporary exhibitions held inside. The restaurants of the gallery will allow you a view of the entire city.

If you truly want to get the exotic delight of these places, make sure that you visit the buzzing metropolitan, the royal city of London, and have a delightful time.

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