London is one of the most legendary cities in the world. London is a city where some of the most significant history of the world that has occurred meets modernization and technology. When you visit a city that has so much to offer to the curious and inquisitive traveler, a few words will not suffice to explain the wonder that is London. Out of all the locations that I have travelled to, London had the most unique flavor that I still savor.

London has been a prime destination, not only for tourists but also for students around the world. I think a journey to London is something everyone must have in his or her lifetime.A mythical city, I had the rare and lucky opportunity of spending two days in The Big Smoke. And I will try to fit my experiencein this short article.

I got into London, from Reading, a two hour train ride through the beautiful English countryside, getting into London at the Subway to London Paddington, one gets the feeling of non-stop movement all around. The atmosphere is so vibrant that you could not help but notice enormous activity around. There are several points of interest and if you are a novice, you would definitely miss some of the most enticing locations worth seeing here.

London being an important European and World hub for business, people from all walks of life jostle and move around you while at the same time respecting the rules and regulations imposed by the London Municipality. Once out into London city from the station, my first stop was Big Ben, the legendary clock tower. Close to River Thames, London’s river that has been glorified from the Renaissance period and before, the Big Ben stands majestically above the London skyline.

Close by, the London Eye, the modern day Ferris wheel that gives a stunning 360 degree view of the city slowly rotates. Due to my lack of time, I was unable to go.Passing by the majestic Buckingham Palace, I moved to Madame Tussauds, the wax statue museum that has life size replicas of people like Brad Pitt, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Schumacher, Albert Einstein and Madame Tussauds herself to name a few.

After a quick lunch, I took a subway train to the area close to London Bridge, which is mistakenly assumed to be the arched one, when in reality; it is the one next to that. The arched one, the one we are used to seeing, is the Tower Bridge. Moving past the House of Commons, I visited Stamford Bridge, home to the rivals of my favorite team Manchester United, Chelsea. With brilliant facilities, I had a whale of a time. But it was time for me to head back. Given the chance I will visit London again and make sure I spend enough time to take home more memories for a lifetime.

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