Local Pearl shop

Local Pearl shop

When searching for pearls for necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, you need to be aware of a few essential points. There are various varieties of pearls that are available in the local market. The important point here is to find out which type is it that you want. There are four to five different types of cultured pearls available.

The most readily available type of pearls is freshwater pearls. This type is least expensive because they are manufactured as huge quantities. They are mostly cultivated in the lakes of China and United States of America. These are normally available in beautiful white, pink and many pastel shades, and an interesting fact about these pearls is that they can be easily dyed to any color. Akoya pearls are another type of pearl which is pretty much similar to the fresh water pearls the only difference is that they are slightly rounder and are considered a better version of fresh water pearls, they were commercially cultivated in Japan in the nineteenth century.

There is another type of pearl available known as the Tahitian black pearl these are available in various dark shades of greens, browns, blues and grays. These are not considered seriously high quality pearls in fact only few shades among these are liked by people. But they are more costly than the Akoya and freshwater pearls.

The most amazing type of pearls available is the south sea pearls. They are the biggest in size and available in only two colors, white and golden. The white ones grow in the warm waters of Australia and are the biggest in size and a great choice when buying pearl jewelry. On the other hand,  the golden pearls are true beauties and are grown in the warm waters of Indonesia and Philippines; these are the most valuable among all types of pearls and are very rarely seen. In fact, majority of the people might not even have seen or heard of it, let alone touch it.

There are seven most important factors that you need to keep in consideration while buying pearl jewelry. These factors include, surface, thickness of the nacre as well as the luster, color, matching and size. When buying pearls you need to be really observant to get the best deal. There are other things that one must keep in mind such as the temperature of pearl in room temperature. Real pearl would be a little cold to touch in room temperature.

Make sure that you give ample time to all the important details such as if buying pearl earrings, look at them in natural light to check if they are similar. Real pearls sometimes do have some scars or lines, and that is something that would give your pearl true individuality, so you don’t have to worry if you find your pearl scarred. And two pearls can never be hundred percent same, there will always be some minor differences. So your only job is to find a pair of earrings that have the maximum resemblance

With all these guidelines,  I am sure; it would be quite convenient for you to find the best quality pearls.

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