Liu Garden one of the best four Chinese gardens

Liu Garden

The beautiful garden full of freshness:

Located on the 338 Liuyuan Road of Suzhuo in China, this garden is one of the tourist attractions and one of the most popular gardens in the world. It has also been stated as a Heritage site of China. It was first named as East Garden after it was designed and organized, afterwards its name changed as it gained much attention and praise from people as well as arts organizations.

Stonemason was the first owner of this garden and then it got passed on to Liu Su who changed its name to Cold Green Village. The reason he stated for this name was because of the fresh green bamboos in the garden and the stream of water which flowed having a green reflection. The ownership of the garden was passed on again to Sheng Kang who was a provincial treasurer. He repaired all sorts of damages that took place in the garden and reconstructed it completely. By 1876, the garden looked as good as new and was renamed again to Liu Yuan. The name depicted leisure, freshness and beauty which were all found in the garden. There was a time when this garden was completely abandoned by its owner, and it fell behind in the race of tourists’ attractions. But this garden was renovated and reconstructed again in 1954 by the Sozhuo government and became an important destination for tourists.

The inner beauties and leisure:

Full of fresh flowers that are watered on a regular basis and all the trees that have been given much attention, this garden remains one of the most beautiful ones in the entire world. The garden is huge occupying an area of 23,310 meters square. Due to its size and initial design, it has been divided into four major parts. The four parts are East, West, Central and North. This garden isn’t all about flowers. As Chinese pay a lot of attention to their buildings, even their gardens have some buildings in them. Similarly, this garden also features many buildings inside it.

The center of the garden features the Distant Green Tower, the Western side features the Western tower and so on. The flowers and trees are grown alongside the pond which gives a magnificent view to the pond. The Central part is the oldest among the different parts of the garden. It has been connected with other parts with the help of a covered walk. This is as long as 700 meters.

Another attractive and distinct feature in this garden is the Yellowstone granite made grotto. This has been made by an artist. This grotto has been one of the unique features of this gardens and the reason many people come to visit it. There are minor courtyards in the garden which have the beautiful stones in them. This stoned depicts beauty and an artistic view of the garden. The flowers planted inside the garden are of many kinds and colors. There are yellow, pink, purple and red flowers which add beauty to the towers and pond inside the garden. There is a lot that one can see in this one particular garden.

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