Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln memorial

The Lincoln memorial is an American monument built in the memory of the 16th president of America, Abraham Lincoln. The monument was built to honor the president of America and is situated in Washington, DC in National Mall. The Architect of the Lincoln Memorial was Henry Bacon while the sculptor of the statue of Abraham Lincoln was Denial Chester French.

The building of the memorial is designed in the form of ancient Greek temples. It contains the statue of Abraham Lincoln with His two famous speeches in scripted on the statue; these two speeches are “the Gettysburg address” and his second inaugural speech. The memorial is taken care by National Park Service of America and has been a famous place for many of the historical events in which the famous Martin Luther king’s speech “I have a dream” is worth to mention.

In 1867, congress initiated the idea of building the memorial of 16th president of America and several bills were passed for the purpose, but the matter remained dormant till 20th century. Later on, six bills were passed in several years for the same purpose, five of them faced rejections and opposition from the political personalities, but the sixth bill got approved in 1910. Lincoln memorial commission was constituted, construction of the monument began in 1914 and completed in 1922, although some changes were made in the design and construction of the monument yet it was completed in time and was presented to the president Warren G. Harding in 1922, he accepted it on behalf of the public of America.

The exteriors of the monument are designed in the shape of Greek temple and are fabricated with Yule Marble from Colorado. The names of the 36 stated in the union at the time of Lincoln’s death are inscribed on the temple. The memorial is divided into three chambers; between the north and south chambers is a central hall which contains the statue of Abraham Lincoln. The place where the statue of Abraham Lincoln is placed is 74 feet long, 60 feet wide and 60 feet high. The statue is placed on an oblong pedestal of marble which is 10 feet high, 16 feet high and 17 feet deep.  The statue is designed incredibly with very fine cuts and shapes that represent the statue as it is real.

The place is open for the public to visit 24 hours a day and approximately 6  million people visit the place annually, it hold the importance of a sacred place for the people of America, and it was also listed in the list of America’s favorite architecture by the American Institute of Architecture.

The Lincoln memorial was also depicted on the American currencies for a long duration. From 1959 to 2008, one cent coin of the United States had the Lincoln memorial carved on its back side. The US five dollar bill also contains the picture of Lincoln memorial. This was done to honor the president of America for his devotion and efforts.

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