Let’s Travel to Texas For an Experience of The Life Time

Lake Theo Paleoindian

Treat yourself with a sense of closeness to nature and adventure, away from the humdrum of routine life and get an insight on a unique lifestyle. Yes! Let’s travel to Texas. Texas is the place to be if you want to create memories of having experienced the exotic, blending the modern lifestyle with the rich cultural heritage.

Visit the birthplace of Texas Liberty, or battlegrounds, and step into the shoes of those soldiers who have valiantly struggled for and won independence at Texas State Parks. Explore the frontier forts that protected early Texans and get a feeling of the ground where the Buffalo Soldiers served. Moments spent aboard the historic Battleship Texas, the experience of a living history farm, and hiking to 4,000 old rocks will indeed be exquisite. You will be delighted to relax yourself at the historic homes and inns, as this will furthermore enable you to get a glimpse of the lives of the former inhabitants of this unique place.

Lake Theo Paleoindian is an archaeological site open during the day and offers camping facilities. Myriad of activities are put at your disposition, sure you will passionately enjoy a midst a breathtaking view. These include hiking, wildlife viewing,riding, mountain biking, boating, fishing, lake swimming, a scenic drive, guided tours and much more. With multiuse trails of about 90 miles ranging from tricky rugged terrain to trails having the least grade of 3 percent serving professionals and amateurs alike. Experienced equestrian and mountain bike riders will be able to live their passion to the max along the nearly 25 mile trails including cliffs and drop-offs having steep climbs.

Indulge yourself at the town of La Grange, which has many fine old buildings, including a 1890s architecturally significant courthouse building, a monument to the heroes of the Dawson and Mier expeditions and an old stone jail building. And off course you would love to relish your taste buds by visiting bakeries and restaurants serving traditional and ethnic foods and pastries, as well as plain, good food.

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