Let’s Plan a Thrilling Visit to the US Capitol Building

US Capitol Building

It’s true that the most beautiful spots that attract millions of travelers from all over the world are located in the United States. However, it becomes very hard for people to choose one spot that they would never forget, from hundreds of extremely impressive places in the country! The United States Capitol Building is one such place.

This tremendous building is located in Washington, D.C where the parliamentary sessions of the House of Representatives and the Senate take place. It’s a beautifully constructed building with the architecture so impressive and also it’s one of a kind. It’s gone through many periods of construction to reach its current state. The total area covered by the building is around 1.5 million sq ft. It has more than 600 rooms and endless corridors. The splendid white dome of the building has been regarded as a recognized icon of America for two centuries.

The good news is that the building is not restricted for exclusive official use. It’s open to the public as well. So, if you are interested in watching a live parliamentary session, then you can plan a visit to the US Capitol Building. Isn’t it thrilling? Tourists from all over the world visit the Capitol Building in Washington and collect the best memories of their lives through their unique experience. There are plenty of other activities offered here including shopping and dining. When you book your tour, the organizers do the entire planning for your tour. You must carry the map of the building so that you do not get lost.

Most people find their tour of the US Capitol Building to be one of the most exciting experiences of their lives. It is recommended that you get there 45 minutes before the starting time because the security screening process takes quite long. The best part is that there’s no fee required to be paid at all. You can visit the Capitol Building totally free of cost. But, you should carry some money for shopping and eating during your visit. The time for public visits is from 8:00 - 16:30. There are two gifts shops as well from where you can buy great items for your friends and loved ones. The exhibition hall of the building has many interesting things for you to enjoy.

During the entire tour, a guide will accompany you. These guides are professionally trained in American English. However, if you’re bringing along a person who prefers another foreign language then you can get a listening device at the information desk of the exhibition hall. The listening device offers many foreign languages including Spanish, French, German and Japanese. You can take your cameras along capturing some memorable photographs but cannot use it in the exhibition hall as they’re strictly prohibited there.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tour booked now and take your printed confirmation to the US Capitol Building for experiencing the most exhilarating tour of your life. If you don’t have a printer then you can even go without it but just note down your confirmation number to avoid any inconvenience. Good Luck!

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