Let’s Explore the Colors of America


America is one of the most largely diverse countries in the world. It exudes an amazing aura and has multiple colors of life pertaining to its vastness of culture, geography and ethnicity. It actually thrives on a perfect synthesis of assorted races, languages, religious views and cultures. This unique fusion of diversity has given an exceptional glamour and charisma to the United States of America.

It is not easy to capture the true essence of life in The United States of America as different people have different perceptions about living here. The life is fast, with opportunities and challenges, with comforts and testing situations but absolutely with an air of freedom.

American is more multilingual than any other country. After English, Spanish is the second most spoken language here. However, you may hear Chinese being commonly used too. Many Americans speak French, German, Tagalog, and Korean etc. Like the variety of belief and value system, the languages spoken in the country are equally enriched.

The weather varies equally wide across the continent. From endless summers to heavy snows the climate is different along with the geographical distribution. California and Florida have their trademark scorching summers, while the Pacific Northwest and the New England states enjoy pleasant mornings and cooler evenings as summers are less warm here. The southern states have mild winters, while the north and the western mountains receive heavy snow falls and nearly freeing colds.

Some parts of the central US are extremely prone to the devastating tornadoes which occur more commonly during the summer and the spring seasons. The eastern coastline and the Gulf of Mexico are occasionally hit by the hurricanes in the months starting from June to October.

The land of liberty has been perceived as a prosperous place and quality living and has drawn people from around the globe. It is a land of dream for many for its diversity of landscape to the assorted cultures, religions, cuisines and political beliefs.

America is as known consists of 50 states and having borders with Mexico on the south and Canada on the north. Each state and city has its own significance and adds a charisma to the country. Washington D.C has the status of the national Capital and is a place with major government buildings including the home of the US President.  New York is the largest city of the country and is a place to marvel at with its skyscrapers. Its museums and theaters are regarded as famous tourist attractions. Las Vegas has its own charm and is considered as the entertainment capital and has a lot to offer to its visitors. Boston is one city that will keep you in awe it has a historic significance, while in Miami you will experience the true colors of Latin culture. The nightlife is full of buzz and fascination that will take you to a magical realm.  The American Film industry is the most advanced in the world and is situated in Los Angeles; it is an enthralling place and home to famous celebrities.

America is a vibrant and a dynamic country. It has the most amazing amusement parks where Walt Disney World’s tops the rest. The natural wonders and landscapes are preserved and developed to create the world’s greatest national parks which provide the best adventure and sports outdoors.

The American cuisine is as rich and diverse as its population including many original recipes from all over the world.

The geographical distribution of the country adds totally new dimensions to the life here. From the skyscrapers of New York, modernization of Chicago, the natural marvels of Alaska and Yellowstone to the sunny Florida and California and the hues of Hawaii, America is an amazingly tempting tourist destination and even a more attractive place to live. Life is like a mix in a salad bowl here, where people form varied origins and believes, different customs and traditions blend so well together yet each individual culture maintains its distinctive essence. America is indeed an abode for all. The variety of people constituting the society exerts a deep respect to every community and promotes freedom for all. Here the differences coexist peacefully and are symbiotically one nation.

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